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Tork-Ont the Angry Fire Mage Orc

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Jun 28, 2016 | 12:37 PM EDT
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Author Comments

There's once was a mage name Tork-Ont. He's very gifted in the ways of magic for an Orc. He can make fire bend with is will alone. One day, he decided to try out magic he never tried before: Teleportation. It was a tricky and a very dangerous craft to master but Tork-Ont knows no fear. He crafted a new staff based on his research on teleportation and used his very own magic to power up the power crystal. Tork-Ont, full of cockiness, begins the teleportation spell with his new staff. The staff and himself started to glow a bright blue light. "It's working!" he cheered as the blue light glows more powerful. Suddenly, with the peak of his spell, a loud crack echos the room and Tork-Ont's very skull. It was the Power Crystal! The crystal broke in half and let out a troubling pale red smoke. Before Tork-Ont can say oops, a bright blue and red light overtook his being. The teleportation spell is still in effect in an uncontrollable rate. There's nothing left of Tork-Ont. He has disappeared.
Tork-Ont woke up. He lay on a strange colored dirt and grass. "Where the hell am I" he asked himself. He still holding his staff. The crystal is in half. As he started to stand, fire spark out of the upper half of his body. Tork-Ont started to yell bloody murder, but something feels off. The fire doesn't hurt him nor burning his clothing. Curious, Tork-Ont touch the fire with his hand. Nothing. He found the nearest twig he can find and touch the fire with it. Nothing. He had heard of this predicament before from his studies. On rare events, when one becomes fuse with an element from a strong amount of magic, the element and the mage becomes one. Teleportation is among the strongest magic next to gravity magic and emotion magic. "The wild teleportation spell must of fused myself and the fire element together." Tork-Ont concluded. That's one mystery solved, now to find of where he is. Tork-Ont view his surroundings.
"You got to be kidding me."
Tork-Ont is not pleased. Strange planets he can see from a close distance behind a thick glass dome. Weird blue orbs with eyes hovering with their metal bodies. Blue grass and green dirt. He is not on his world anymore. A bench is near where he stands. He sat down with anger taking over his mind. The crystal is destroyed, he's body is covered with un-burning fire and being a stranger to a strange world. One thing comes in mind for Tork-Ont and one thing only: "I am so screwed."

I'm sorry for the wall of text and crappy writing, I want to have fun with this one.
Here is my WIP stuff:

Edit: Theres a tree I found kind of in the way to I got rid of it.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

worst art ever 0/10

Sanoan responds:

you're the worst art ever :P