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This one's a comission (my first comission ever! :3)

"highpigeon" over on Deviant Art wanted me to make a redesign of the M21 EBR and that's the result, the "DVF M38 EBR" ^^
It features a bullpup design so that it has the same overall weapon length BUT in comparison with the M21, the M38 has a barrel which is more than 25% longer than the M21's resulting in a higher accuracy. Of course the retractable stock is still there! The Bullpup design also allows the usage of a bigger magazine without something blocky being in your way or making the usage of the weapon uncomfortable. Also the rail positionings have been improved a bit.
By default it comes with a mounted steel bipod (like the one used on the M21) and a 10x40 scope.

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...if i ever get a random package from a random guy containing this weapon
then i just have the need to blow someone's brains out
what i really loved about your drawing is the shadows most drawings dont have good or sometimes none shadow thats what makes it not realistic but your drawing could have been just a picture thats what i love about it :D

Sanchez150894 responds:

It sure would come in handy during a Zombie outbreak, eh? XD

I tried really hard to include all the drop shadows, too. In fact this has been the first time I've included them! :3 I'm not lying!

thx buddy! :D


One of my favorite things to do is design different fire arms especially bullpup designs Ive made a lot of different designs but the way you made the clip area is something one I've never come close to make like that its really cool i like it.

Sanchez150894 responds:

bullpup design was kinda' hard at the beginning. I always ended up in having a big block with some holes, a grip, a mag and a barrel... but after some research it began to become easier and the results just looked better.
btw: my favourite bullpup guns are the FN F2000, the Famas, the Type 95 and the L85A2 :3 you can get really nice ideas from them

thx! ^^

not bad at all

I like your design it looks somewhat like a g36c mixed with an M21
you seem to have done your research and I like how you made it bullpup which will replace the standard clip I'm sure. I would of increased the barrel length even further though seeing how compact the weapon is now the increase would bareky affect it Lol gunutgasm any way the linework is good and the shading is nice

Sanchez150894 responds:

hm... now that you mention it, it really kinda' reminds me of the G36C XD Maybe it's because I live in Germany and that I've been influenced because of that.

yeah, I actually did some research on gun mechanisms and their interiors, so it would look more realistic ^^



I'm a gun enthusiast and i'm impressed by your hard work!This gun could probably make a fine replacement for the m21.The gun mechanics are clever including bullpup and the retractable stock.Bullpup always wins!

Sanchez150894 responds:

thx! ^^

Bullpup sniper rifles rule! XD


So, It's only for lefty's? I don't see a bolt opening on the right side (at least I don't think so) so by default it would eject on the left making it only operable to left handed shooters. Unless you decided to do something totally radical and go with an ejection port on the bottom of the gun, like on a P90. The only thing I see that I don't like is how bulky it gets at the back. Right above the trigger area. And then that steep slope from the front to the back, right above the safety. Other than that, I think It looks amazing. The bullpup design needs to get much more popular.

Sanchez150894 responds:

nah, you can demount the bolt mechanism and easily change the side of the bolt so that you can use it as right handed person, too (I should've mirrored it horizontally... I guess there are more right handed gun users than left handed ^^').

That slope was on the original M21 EBR, too and I didn't want to change too much so you couldn't see the reference at the end. but that depends on everyones own and unique likings :3

Thx! ^^ Yeah, I think so, too. The bullpup design is really handy, especially for sniper rifles!

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3.02 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2010
3:26 PM EDT
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