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Another piece of 3D-based conceptual work. I re-did the entire process from scratch, using some different methods for the fading process in Photoshop.

For this one, I put together the clothing of the wizard from a few textures I had and created the terrain, which is supposed to be a mountain top. The sky is a photograph I took myself.

That whole package was put together in 3D, then exported and ran though a digital automatic painting program, which closely matches traditional painting technique by placing brush strokes in the manner a painter would, using the image only as a key, unlike a filter. This, as well as filters, generally ticks of painters, but is an easy way to make a nice faux painting without having to learn how to paint, although a good eye is needed to make sure it doesn't screw up.

Anyway, after that, I aged it in photoshop using a variety of brushes and overlays to give the effect of an old painting on a piece of parchment.

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Very impressive.

Ah yes, another great piece of art. ;)

To be extremely honest, I find NO FAULT in this piece of work at all. This is basically 97% perfect. The forms, perfect. The colors, very 3D-like and great.

However, I always seem to wonder what the wizard is actually doing. If you added a type of "energy ball" at the top right corner of the pic with some energy converting from the wizard to the ball, then it would be greater. Another alternative would be strong hail. *

Another thing, as in the Viking pic, is the white area. It's too much (heh, I personally don't like huge amounts of blank paper) but I guess it fits to be told to decendants (spelling) via oral tradition, such as telling them who the wizard was and that he did. **

So yeah, a 4 1/2 stars to a *bam* five star. You need NO change of forms, colors and background, but adding an extra object (ex: energy ball, hail) would make the piece greater.

--The Liberaten
--The Review Request Club

* if the wizard was doing a spell/magic attack, then this would look epic. Otherwise, there's no clue to what's the wizard doing (except if you add strong hail). :P

** the pic seems more suitable to be told as a legend, so I'm not gonna view the white area as a downfall.

samulis responds:

Ya, I think the white area is really the only issue. I had not thought of adding some sort of spell, I might try that, thanks. :)

Unlike your Viking piece, this one seems a bit more out of place. It's quite obvious that it's 3D without even zooming in, so the "old" look that you're going for kind of clashes a bit with that, in my opinion of course.

Either way, the character itself is very well drawn, from the gown to the staff and the face. It really looks what I'd see as a wizard or a druid of sorts. I'm not too sure about this filter you run it through though. I see how you want it to seem more natural, but it makes it somewhat hard to make it out very well. I for one would love to see more of an environment around him, a background.

samulis responds:

I originally designed the scene to be the wizard on top of a mountain, but I moved the camera around a bit and eventually settled on this angle for the shot... I decided the ruined columns would suffice as some grounding instead of just clouds and bland hillside. I cannot exactly fix the issue that it looks 3Dish, but as it is a work designed to be made in a fictional land, such concepts of prospective are not completely impossible, especially if you have magicians. :D

Thank you, though for pointing that out and giving some feedback on the composition and such, that's just what I need. :)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Mark Twain. *applause*

Alright, first impressions aside, this is another fantastic piece that really catches the eye and presents a very definitive description / illustration of a wizard or a druid, as I saw him in the first place. Certainly a few things about him look pagan inspired, complete with the sun staff, though from the pagans I have associated with over the years, I think it would be more of a pentagram on the staff, perhaps making that a little more plain, than gaudy as well. Hell, it might not be pagan, so I'm not saying it should be changed.

With the art itself, the painting should extend to the edges of the canvas - an effect which I loved like in the norse village, thought the complaint about not extending to the edge of the canvas is the same. Some sort of frame, though a simpler carved wooden effect would do the trick, as opposed to the gaudy renaissance thing that I suggested in the viking scene would suit this better, I feel.

The colours used look natural and freely available at the time, so that's a sensible use of the palette, an easy oversight, with pieces that have an historical aspect to them, such as this. Keep up the good work and extend it to the borders!

[Review Request Club]

samulis responds:

Thanks, on the next piece I will make the image closer to the borders... I explained the reason why there's some blank space on the other review (the concept art is designed to look like paintings in an old book, so I can't give it a frame sadly). If you have any other ideas for this sort of scenario, I'd love to hear them, as I work by the eye, not books (I REALLY need to study art and design :/).

I tried to tone down a lot of the colors that the filter/program generated, but in doing so, some of the contrast was lost (well, this does happen to old paintings).

I was rather proud of the costume after I textured it. The character itself is a royalty-free template piece that I modified to fit the role, as is the mesh (structure) for the clothes.

This is definitely great art, I love the weathered look too

samulis responds:

Thanks. :)

Credits & Info

4.69 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2012
7:48 PM EST
3D Art
File Info
1200 x 900 px
2 MB

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