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Vikings raiders attacking a small village during the late evening.

I tried to do some stylistic things in this... You will notice how everything outside of the main battle seems kinda blurry, leading to the focus point along the hull of the longboat. I really tried to use some more fun particle effects in this one, and included some vikings and corpses for good measure.

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This is amazing.

Review Request Club

I like this picture, it caputers a moment of heat (literally) in a single image. I also like the "blurry effect" of the things that are outside of the main battle. First, it draws attention to the things that are not blurry and second, it creates a feeling of movement, as if I was running through the scenery (either as an attacker or as someone who got attacked) and my focus lies on the burning village. The rest is kind of suppress by my mind.

Anyway, I think the smoke needs some more work. Right now it just goes straight up into the night sky, but I think this would be very unlikely. There has to be some sort of wind blowing, moving the smoke either to the right or to the left. I also think, the smoke could be a bit thicker, darker. That way it would even strengthen the atmosphere of "battle" and "menace" it is creating right now.

{ Review Request Club }

samulis responds:

ya, the smoke effect wasn't really that good. I did darken it significantly from what is was, but I see that I probably should have probably even replaced the template effect with my own more detailed image for the particles... throw some sparks and flashes in there too. I'll work on some new smoke effects for my next big entry.

Good atmosphere

The detail and the atmosphere in this piece of art are what attracts me to it the most. The atmosphere part attracts me because of the colours that are used: almost everything is black or red, which fits well with a scene of vikings burning down and looting a whole village.
That this scene takes place at sunset is a good choice. It's just light enough to see it, but still makes a dark atmosphere.

The detail is good in a way that I didn't find anything odd in the 3D-modelling, and that the reflection on the water is done nice. The burning houses also have a nice level of detail and realism.

I would like to see more vikings though. Now there's just two of them, and I'm not even sure about one of them if he's a viking. The vikings fighting are what would attract me to it the most, but there are hardly any.

I did notice an odd thing with the wind though: If you look at the sail the wind seems to blow, while the the smoke columns rise straight upwards.
Another thing is that there are too few smoke columns for the many houses that are burning.

tl;dr : A nice picture with good detail and atmosphere, but a few small mistakes.

Review request club

samulis responds:

Ya, my problem is that my program doesn't allow really more than five to seven characters (I could probably push it with 12 or 14). Ideally, I would have a good 25 vikings and a pile of dead guards, but that's really out of the realm of possible with a real-time engine like this one. However, I am looking into getting some super low-poly characters, even just static models, I can use as stand-ins.

The age-old solution for the program is exporting out alpha-transparent images of characters then using a flat graphic "planter" tool that allows one to randomly "plant" characters around the set... the issue is that you can't adjust lighting and well, they ARE flat. :P

I could have changed the atmosphere... next time, I will make sure my particle FX are fitting and working in conjunction with the flow of the image.

Thanks for the feedback,

Well constructed

This looks incredibly nice and very well created. How long did this one take you this time anyways? Liking the water surface here as it has reflective properties and looks quite realistic. Very well done 3D piece once more too!!

The little cross I am guessing is part of a graveyard and then we have fire in the background. So I guess they set fire to village as they felt like doing so and then left them all to die. The smoke could be a bit more realistic and having it look like it is being blown everywhere rather than just going straight up I think.

The boat is dark and so I guess this is either dawn or dusk that they did this since the boat has poor lighting at the moment. Then however in the water you can see the sail is pure white which kind of contradicts the sail color on the boat.

The trees, grass, and sky all look great here too.

Overall, another wonderful 3D piece.

Review Request Club

samulis responds:

Thanks for the review. This piece took me about a hour and a half since I didn't need to make any new items to do it (the terrain is custom, background is custom, the characters are template, and the rest of the props are royalty-free by Arteria3D; I have been using a lot of his stuff lately).

The reason for the differently shaded/colored sail is because that is where the sun itself reflects on the water, so it looks more saturated and brighter.

Very impressive

I think that this piece demands a little more, because you keep pushing the bar upwards, due to your skill with this program. The lighting is fantastic and it shows off what sort of potential you have for this, in capturing the feelings that go hand in hand with Viking raids, some 1,000 - 1,500 years ago.

I feel that there are still some imperfections, like a gravestone being that close to either the riverbank or the coast, as that's just a silly place to be buried six feet below the surface, as the surface will wash away and expose your bones (and and grave goods) to the wider world.

The flames are merely glows, without form - the randomness associated with the shapes and patterns of flames make them very difficult to get just right, but I feel that you can still do better than this.

With the longboat, where are the oars? Yes, the Vikings are on the shore, busying themselves with rape pillage and sacking, though the oars would not have accompanied them onto the shore, surely (sorry). They would be left in some random fashion protruding from the side of the longboat, as the struggle to disembark quickly and the call to arms took place.

Perhaps a little more in the way of corpses could have been strewn about the place, just to add realism, since the scene looks a little "clean" for that sort of time, when no-one seemed to care much about personal hygiene.

It looks better than your stand alone Roman Villa, but still not quite there for realism, in my eyes.

[Review Request Club]

samulis responds:

Thanks for this great review, I understand where you come from with the realism part 100%. With anything 3D, realism is a huge issue; we consciously perceive things in real life and miss other things completely, thus removing much of the clutter of the world. I'll keep my eye out for some good general filth to add about... I have a few props, but not too many.

The funny thing about the corpses... the program freaks out if you get too many (5+ in a scene already with a bunch of stuff) characters. I loaded in a prop-version (no animation/bone structure/etc.) of a character in the T-pose and placed her around on the ground. I hope I can find some sort of corpse props that will work better for this.

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2011
11:05 PM EST
3D Art
File Info
1280 x 720 px
1.4 MB

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