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Viking Village


A faux painting of a viking village as some concept art for a new game. I was asked to render out a basic concept for a viking-esque culture in which the young main character grows up, so I used a mix of my own and assets by Arteria-3D to design and build a quick viking village. A little bit of 3D magic later, I took my render and ran it through an automatic digital painter, then worked heavily in photoshop to age the image substantially to give it the feel as if it were part of that culture.

Note the particular aspects of the painting... first off, there's a lot of shadow and contrast. At the center of the image is the bow of a viking longboat, which has just come in to dock. In the background, you can see the ruins of some tower (to the left, just above and to the right of the building farthest to the left), offering a hint of some past empire. I added some oranges, but heavily pulled back on the saturation in the aging process to allow the image to gain a sepia-esque tone. Then it was a matter of several layers of fading brushes and some slight work here and there.

Feel free to give your feelings on the piece.


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nice, bro. 5 stars all the way. cheers

Love it :)

samulis responds:


I love the texture of the piece, ageing it to a canvas painting and really making it look classy for a computer generated piece of imagery. This is the sort of graphic design that people can produce to great effect and can also forge a good career from!

While I like the framing effect that you have around this, by not taking the image to the edge of the canvas, perhaps it should be painted like an artist's piece and the colour taken to the edge, perhaps framed by a classical style frame - carved wood with a gold leaf effect, to enhance and draw the eye into the painting. Don't get me wrong, some of these frames are themselves works of art, though not as good as the painting that they encapsulate.

I'm going to sound like a bona fide art critic now, in saying that the lines of the buildings remind me of the work of Constable, although the subject matter is not something that he would have focused on, with the historical presence of a Viking longboat - the structures that he used in pieces like The Haywain are very reminiscent of this piece and only the lack of population really calls this piece into question at all - clever positioning by Constable presented his works with life, but didn't make it too much of a challenge to do so. Subtlety is the key.

[Review Request Club]

samulis responds:

Thanks for the in-depth review... I honestly like the idea of adding a frame, however, the concept art is for rough paintings in an ancient story-book sort of thing, so I had to stick with a painting on parchment.

I may go back and add characters, but I didn't want to add unnecessary polygons when rendering, as my program handles characters really poorly (you can only have 8 or 9 maximum per scene).

I'll look into Constable's work. I am actually not well educated in art history at all, so I may spend some time this month or later looking into that for some self-education... I only know music history. XD

Thank you again, great tips as always!

Well done!

I'm really impressed at how you made this look like a painting even though it's a 3D piece. I'm not sure if it looks very old, even though it's very flaky around the edges I'd expect to see more deterioration off an old painting. Especially in the colors, they should probably have faded a bit more than they look on the shields, for instance.

You seem to have pretty much nailed the architecture, the landscape seems a bit odd, feels more like a southern look to it with the spread out bushes and such. It's hard to tell whether the ground is sand or dirt. I'd love for you to add in a couple of people to the painting, if the ship just docked I'd expect there to be people running around with whatever the ship brought with it.

Generally a really good piece though.

samulis responds:

Thanks, I might try adding some people... I don't have a very good array of characters though.

Beautiful piece of work!

Honestly, this work is almost perfect. The forms of the objects are extremely accurate, the colors were old-themed and water-like, and it certainly looks medieval (spelling?). The colors used here fit perfectly for the Viking theme. This piece definately grabs the medieval part of this pic (and in particular the village you've aimed at). I would hang this piece on my wall in my room for the medieval feeling.

I noticed just a little 3D effect when I zoomed in on the pic. This is a nice effect.

The only downfall I personally found was the surrounding background (the old-themed white area around the medieval pic). I think it would have been better to reduce the amount of white paper on this for the pic to grab more *attention* from viewers for the pic in the center.

For the rest, good job; a 4 1/2 stars, so a vote of 5.

~The Liberaten
~The Review Request Club

*attention* the amount of view the viewer uses on a certain spots. The more on the blank spots, the worse.

samulis responds:

Thanks for the review, I just didn't want to cut too far into the transition. Medieval is indeed the right spelling.

Credits & Info

4.50 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2012
11:43 PM EST
3D Art
File Info
1200 x 900 px
2.3 MB

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