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A model of a Roman forum I modeled myself in sketchup and then fixed up in iClone and rendered out. It's based loosely on conceptual plans proposed by David Macaulay in his book "City".

Feel free to give feedback or use (please tell me if you do use it)


Really nice!

I really like the design you've got gooing here, it looks really good.

One of the big things here is the style of architecture you have here. It reallly fits what [I think] you were going for here. The pillars all look reallygood and the arch at the entrance has alot of detail which, like I said, helps that feel you were going for.

Another thing that really looks good here is the color scheme. I don't know why but I really like the colors you used here. They all really look good and help this picture to be the best it could be.

All of the small details help this picture, but I don't think I really need to point them all out, I mean, the picture is right there.

The only problem I noticed is how the roof and wall of building in the upper right seem to just flow together instead of the roof hanging off like on the rest of that building. I'm kind of having trouble explaining...

Anyways, really good picture with minimal flaws. I'm impressed.

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samulis responds:

Hey, sorry for the late response.

I see what you mean with the roof issue, I'll try to be more wary of making all the roofs more similar and accurate next time, I'm glad you caught that mistake. :)

I really tried to stick to a traditional color scheme, even if some of the textures are a little fantasized.

Thanks for the review,

Looking good

The only bad thing here is possibly just the reflective floor. Everything aside from the reflective floor seems to look natural and realistic. I think you maybe could have spent more time and put in some floor tiles to remove the reflective looking ground since it gives a feel of it being over water or at least it looks that way to me.

The pillars holding up the forum there look really nice and you get a feel that there could possibly be actual people standing under them unaware that at any moment an earthquake may one day come through and simply ruin everything for them and make them have to start all over again.

The entrance, main place on the right and the secondary floor looking areas all look pretty good here. How long did you spend working on this one to be exact anyways? Looks rather professional.

Overall, very nice looking piece aside from the reflective floor.

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samulis responds:

This was my longest project 3D wise... I spent about 10 hours total, I estimate, over several weeks of off-and-on working. I thought the reflective floor would add a certain feel to it, but I see now it was a mistake that I will not do in the future. :)

As a side note, you can watch a slideshow of the construction: http://s385.photobucket.com/albums/oo300/Imparus/Forum%20Build/?albumview=slideshow

What a work it must've been.

I have absolutely no idea of how a modeling program works, or how it does the modeling, but it seems like a load of work. The structure is pretty realistic, and the details are amazing. Even from a very close zoom it seems nice.

The floor seems a bit odd though. I can't imaging a forum like this standing on a totally flat and mirroring surface like this. If you put a few people here and there it would seem more realistic.

It would be nice if you made the roof tiles a bit more different from each other. It would be even more work, but now you can easily distinguish the texture. It's also a bit wierd on the edges, that the tiles are just cut off there. They also seem a bit too structured, nice and modern for a forum like this.

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samulis responds:

This was my most epic endeavor to date... it took at least eight to ten hours. However, I am sure others who are more experienced and have better tools could do it in half the time and twice the quality.

I did the mirroring floor as a more aesthetic thing... in my other render, I have a floor similar to the walls. I should have tried a blend map or two on the tiles so they appear dirty, but I'll try that with my next project.

Thanks for the review,

Reflective floors - uncommon in Rome

Lavishly detailed, lovingly textured and well designed through diligent research, this piece has good function that could be used in some way to give a potted 3D history of certain structures in Rome, such as the Colosseum, for example. Now that's an immense project that I'd love to see, with the building being built, used and slowly falling to disrepair and reaching today.

But I digress here, the image before me is what I should focus on. Why not try such things as putting a more traditional dusty cobbled floor in the courtyard and perhaps just around the outside, as while the reflective surface works well, it just takes away some area of detail that you could add to. I'm not suggesting that you populate this piece with people, but it needs a little something else to spice things up.

It reminds me of schemes rendered by architects for construction projects (in fact, it's probably more detailed than their schemes for us at work, but that might be down to budget!)

There's a good scope for utilising this in various aspects, but the program practice that you've had will be invaluable, so that you can use it to design other street scenes, which could be used for images or maps in games, for example. Stick with this, I think the possibilities are huge!

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samulis responds:

Thanks, I did work on a few other basic Roman buildings, and I might head back that way in the future eventually. Thanks a ton for giving some conceptual ideas on projects in the future... I did consider the colosseum, but at that time it seemed far too complex. I might be able to make something close to it now with some work and time. :)

The lack of people is a big thing... I could have added a few at least, although the program doesn't support that many (at least, not with my aging computer). I think I need a bunch of dummy characters now. XD

Thanks for the review!

What's it for?

There's nothing "wrong" with the model in this image: it is well-made and aesthetic, though I might call it unspectacular.

Is this made for video game usage? There's extremely few polygons, suggesting you wanted to reduce render-time, and if it isn't for a game you should really up the details in geometry. Meanwhile, if keeping it low-poly is a priority, you should still consider including a bump map (or a "normals map", whatever it's called in your software) on the surfaces to give it all extra depth. With low-poly models, the textures do *all* the work; make them work as hard as possible to improve realism.

I'm going to quote Kinsei01, another 3D art reviwer on NG: we can't see any of the details of the model, and you should consider a higher-resolution render. If you don't want to make a huge image, though, you could reposition your camera to show the details better on at least a portion of the model. This is especially true if this is indeed for a game, because we want to see what the player would see in the game. Maybe render a shot from next to the pedestal (that thing on the left) putting the Parthenon-like thing (the structure on the right) in view.

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samulis responds:

Thanks for the review (especially for bothering to give your time, unlike many reviewers), but your advice isn't helpful since I already am following it... :(

First off:

This is designed to be sold as content for a real-time animation program. Every texture uses a bump map and some even use a secondary diffuse/blend map. The model isn't really that low-poly... it has over 200k faces (mostly because sketchup is stupid and duplicates faces... which I can normally remove, but I did not consider this when I started so it would mess up all the textures if I were to do this), which is considered medium to high poly for a real-time render engine.

The wide shot is to show the entire forum as a model, whereas the other shot is more artistic.

Thanks again for your time,

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Dec 8, 2011
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