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Two medieval warriors prepare to square off outside of the city walls. A battle ensues. :)

Rendered on Reallusion's iClone 5, a real-time animation suite.


Really like this one!

This artwork is very impressive!
I really like how well the characters are done, and the background is beautiful; This actually looks like it could have been taken right out of a video game man, really great work.

The colors are all very nice, and everything is proportioned very well.

Things that I didn't like so much:
- The grass and trees seem to look rather fake in comparison o everything else in the picture
- The mountains off in the distance are a bit too smooth and featureless
- The texture on the tree trunk to the right looks pretty fake
- The ground is boring and also looks kind of fake

Overall; this is a great piece of work, but certain things could use a bit more detail.
~Dj Sonik

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samulis responds:

Thanks. :D

The grass and the terrains are two things I'm going to be more careful with in the future to make sure they are more realistic. I generally make my own terrains, so I'll look into getting some rough rock textures on some new ones and also see if I can throw a bump/normal map on there too.



For a moment you would actually think it is real but viewing it in full screen mode shows them as nothing more than a creation by an artist is all. Very nicely done though as it looks as realistic as it does.

I like how the scenery and background is a road, trees, and castle area too. The tent in the back is also nice to see too.

The characters have a lot of detail on them though and I like the shield too, looks pretty nice. I also like the shadows since it gives them a look of being outside and with the shadows going in opposite directions I guess that the sun is directly above them right? Neat.

Overall, very well done 3D image with lots of details, very nice.

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samulis responds:

I'm very glad you liked it, and thanks for the review. I was not sure if the background was too cluttered, but it appears not.


I like the scene, it shows the part before a battle starts. One thing I like is that this is in 3d, and is modeled very well. I can see a lot of detail has been given to the background, which is essential in a medieval fight, since the two warriors are presumably going to use more than just weapons to fight. So, let's see!

The grass is detailed, but it's rather static and stiff. Natural grass should be floppy and blow against the wind, not stay stiff, since that indicates that there is no wind and is not "real" grass. It especially doesn't make sense when you note that the flag on the hut is fluttering, indicating a presence of a strong wind from...let's see...the East?

However, the trees are more realistic; the leaves are drawn like they should be in real life, and the bark on the left tree is very closely matching that of a real tree. The trunk of the tree on the right, though, is a little too light and fat, which when combined don't show a lot of "realism" because trees with a fat trunk generally have a dark bark.

There is a viewing platform on the tower grouped with some houses, all that standing behind a rather thick castle wall and beside a hill. I like that the wall looks thick, even though it may have as well been thin. However, the hill next to it looks like a big boulder, rather than a hill, and a giant one. There's no grass on that, so I think it's most definitely a boulder. Correct me if it isn't.

The knight is holding a shield in his left hand and a spear in his right. Appropriate shade is given to the shield and emphasis to the spear, as well as the *ooh, shiny!* metal armor he's wearing. It would have been better if his knees were bent a little, and a little blurred, so as to show motion.

The other person on the right is holding a sword, although that looks like a white stick to me, since there's no sharp end and is almost literally glowing. The shield is especially large, which suggests that it's heavy as well; I can see the person's leather armor, which is also given a lot of detail to, behind the shield even though it's not normally visible.

The shadows, however, have an unreal feeling to them. It seems as though the people are standing on glass since half of the person's (on the right) shadow is to the left of him, even though the light source is one and the same. It seems as though there's an invisible person standing next to him, with only a shadow.

All in all, good, especially since I used iClone 5 before and found it a bit tough, even though it was designed to be easy. You could improve, though.

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Realistic scenery
2) Good detail given overall

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Shadows are a little off
2) Grass is stiff and the flag is fluttering (what?!)

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samulis responds:

Hey there,

Thanks for the great review. Next time, I will try to focus more on making the grass look more real, although that is limited by iClone quite heavily. In addition, I'll take better note of realistic shadows and the like to make sure the render seems a bit more real. Thanks for the in-depth response, it really means a lot. :)

Stiff and plain

The characters look stiff. Doesn't look like they're going to fight at all, in fact it looks like they are just chatting. The image is taken too far for me to look at specific facial features, but their faces just seem to a line and two dots.
Hair just look like molded over clay.
The dirt, grass, tant and armor are all severely lacking texture. They look smooth and dull.
Overall, this feels unfinished and like im looking back at an animation from 1986.

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samulis responds:

All very true, but that's what you get with real-time animation and no formal education with art/3D... it's all one big WIP, mate. ;)

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