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Pokemon: Teamwork


My latest Pokemon commission!

You'll notice the trainer's got a map and some badges...

Bonus points to whoever can identify what generation of Pokemon they're from!

I've actually completed a little step-by-step video if you're interested in my proccess...! Halfway through I actually switched over my hardware completely. I went from Photoshop CS3, to CS6, and I upgraded from a small Bamboo tablet to a huge Cintiq 22HD! You can really tell the difference when you watch the video.

(You can find the link to my youtube channel on my frontpage)

Pokemon from top top to bottom:

Dragonite (the airborne dragon)

Gyarados (big angry fishmonster)

Charizard (fire-tailed dragon)

Alakazam (with the glowy eyes)

Nidoking (big purple dude)

Jolteon (the little yellow dude)

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This is amazing!

I really like Nidoking or as you call him, the big purple dude. He looks like if he were to be in battle mode he'd be the scariest son of a bitch on the screen.

Charizard is definitely a badass here too. He's got battle scars and his neck is super buff. I do think the fire on his tail should have been a bit more intense, but we'll just pretend that he's holding back for the sake of his trainer.

Gyarados really makes me laugh because he doesn't look so much angry as he does simply not impressed with anything.

Everyone else was done really good as well. This guy has a pretty kickass team. It would be neat to see a submission of him as a younger trainer with all of the base pokemon of these evolutions.

Poor Little Jolteon.... So Tiny in comparison to all the other massive creatures he's next too LERL! Anyways, Gyrados with his mouth closed.... That's some scary shit right there.... But freaking awesome, Nidoking looks epic, same with alakazam, This gives the feel of a well seasoned trainer, just starting out in a new region and trying to figure out where the fuck they just so happen to have ended up this time! WONDERFUL piece, it makes me so happy to see! :D

Sabtastic responds:

Aw well thanks! What a refreshing review! :3

1st Gen.
Also,Id like to add a lil note that I LOVE custom art.
Nice work.

i'm done. I will never be able to draw pokemon as well as you.

Just saying, gen 4 had both a town map regular and on the pocketch to ramsmash102.
about the art its saved to my computer. alakazam looks creepy but awesome at the same time. i think im gona go play leafgreen now....

Credits & Info

4.78 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2012
4:03 AM EST
Fine Art
File Info
900 x 1560 px
1.1 MB

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