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Burnt Out - Time Lapse


This is a bit of a cheesy play on words regarding depression and anxiety in school. I'm an art/education student and at times the stress of student loans, maintaining grades, and staying engaged in school while working full time is very taxing to me personally.

I decided to turn these negative feelings around by expressing them with art; namely a self portrait made of wax! ... I call it CANDLE-BRINA! ...heh... Okay sorry. It sounded good in my head. The project is for one of my university classes, so if you're wondering what's going on, just go with it. Art courses are weird.

Anyway; I really put a lot of thought and effort into this project, specifically in the way that I designed the candle to melt. By running the wick of the candle from the top of the head to the end of the arm, I essentially make this candle lower its arm slowly and therefore "give up" on drawing whatever it was trying to draw.

This extra part totally happened by fluke, by the way; the eyes actually cried melted wax! I was so blown away when I was recording all of it. Totally appropriate for the overall tone that I was going for; which is sad and depressing.

Anyway; I hope this project didn't bum you guys out too much. It really was a lot of fun for me to explore 3D art. I've never worked with sculpture OR wax before so it was all a really awesome learning experience.

Hope you like it~!
(and hope my professor does, too!)

Here's a detailed overview of all the planning and rationale behind this project as well as some bonus footage + concept art.: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s401/sh/5c6ea8c0-32c1-432b-9651-469f55cc629b/04637f138c49ac7d4d56599aae1eb602

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So this was pretty cool and this is something I have not seen done much of or maybe not at all on here on the grounds so props to you for being creative with this and it's nice to see some animation to show the progressive moments of the candle and such so overall this was cool and I really enjoyed this piece so all in all this was a great piece of artwork I really like the effort in this one


Oh, well, art courses aren't the only ones being weird!

Never before? Not even a sand-castle?! Your results are quite impressive anyway, too bad it literally melted away...

*weeps* this was s - so beautiful! This was such a great Idea you had to express your feelings. It really turned out great, too bad you had to melt your art work lol.

Sabtastic responds:

Haha Aw, thanks! Glad you think so.
It was strangely therapeutic to watch it melt away.

I've got a butt-ton of leftover paraffin wax and candle wicks; I could probably make one or two more even!

I truly love this art piece of the melted wax candle as I myself am studying photography in college and I understand your struggles with high grades, college fees, working part-time, and early morning classes. It kind of hit home to me as these past week was becoming very wild and chaotic for me to handle.

The only thing I would recommend, if you're really interested in time lapse photos like this, is to have a tripod and mount your camera. Always keep it on the same lens (whether you like it to be clear or blurry) and take pictures every minute. Other than that, you did an awesome job and you had a great intent.

Please, continue with your art pieces, as I'm a fan of your work, and I hope you do well in school.

Sabtastic responds:

Oh jeez; a photography student critiquing my horrible photography haha xD
I'm so embarrassed. Thanks

The tripod thing would have been a must; but I don't own one, n'or do I own an actual camera --used phones to record/capture all of it. Haha actually come to think of it, I didn't have a lot of really helpful things for this project. I used duct tape to hold almost everything in place while it filmed/dried/set, etc. lol

The candle itself was very well done, but that time lapse just frightened me, maybe because the candle was in the form of a human, so seeing a person melt away, well...you get the idea

Sabtastic responds:

Haha yeah; it is a pretty uncomfortable thing to watch. I definitely wanted to get a reaction somewhere along those lines though, so that's good!

Credits & Info

4.37 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2014
6:34 AM EST
Fine Art
File Info
504 x 720 px
2.2 MB

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