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[TricksterHands] Executioner [part 1]


Are you ready for a huge piece of lore for some original stories? Very old stories. Which kinda hints on the quality of material I'm trying to rewrite.

So, where do I start with this one...

I know I've already mentioned it somewhere before, but I'm gonna say it once again - TricksterHands is a literally ancient shit, with roots coming out from those times when I was around 10yo or so. It was a rip-off of some of my favourite TV series (which is kinda predictable). It changed twice. It was forgotten. And now I'm revisiting it, trying to rewrite the setting, teh story, the characters according to my present taste and views.

I've been busy mostly with the core couple of TH characters lately, but now it's turn for some other important characters. In the case of this particular guy, I guess I should be grateful to MDZS for bringing him back after ~10 years of oblivion. Once this sketchdump is finished, I'll tell more - both about his previous self and my current thoughts of his personality and background.

In the first drafts of TricksterHands story, there was a concept of Divine Trinity (consisting of Twins and Maiden) and their various (sort of) associates - the Heroes, all of them being reborn in different time periods. Unfortunately I won't remember their exact number since most of the notes from that time were destroyed, but it hardly matters now because this universe is basically being brought back from dead and undergoing major reconstructions. I'm here for changes anyway, so let's write and draw stuff from scratch.

In this case though, I don't really want to rewrite too much stuff - at least the stuff I still remember.

The guy (whose name was super lame therefore no name only title until he gets a new one from me) was supposed to be one of the Heroes - the one known as Assassin. First, he is a child of a vampire and a beastwoman. He lacks most of distinctive traits and appearance specific to vampires in TH universe, but blood mixing - with berserker-like nature of beastmen on one side and vampires' need of blood on another - led to his inability to tolerate blood due to severe conniption fits (or rather fits of bloodlust?). Another thing is, mixed couples and half-breeds are not accepted in certain circles (especially like his family), so the guy soon became an orphan. Then he ended up being adopted and raised by the assassin school... which seems contradictory, but the guy learns to deal with opponents without shedding blood at first. He later flees to the Capital for a peculiar reason, but I'll leave it for another post~

Technically, I'd like to leave the skeleton of his story the same, but revisit its details and change them according to my current tastes and views.

First of all, "Assassin" title doesn't seem correct to me in the light of recent changes. Considering a bunch of new lore regarding God meeting Heroes for the first time, "Executioner" makes more sense in the context of character's bio, his first self, and his successors.

Secondly, I didn't pay much attention to any teachers (while they obviously have a great influence on the guy). Now, I think it's pretty possible to merge it into the character's story - his relationship with the master (btw sketchy idea on the right), his decision to leave, maybe the way the master is involved in his destiny. A leitmotif "do you believe in fairy-tales" has been haunting me for a couple of days already and seems kinda fitting.

And at last, for some reason I only considered dual pistols back then but never thought of dual wielding knives. Time to fix it!

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Excuse my friend i think you belong in a movie not a website

Ryouhiko-Ankuu responds:

Sounds cool, but there's still so much work to do! XD This project was dead for ages, it's so difficult to do anything with right now.

Seems like a cool story you're brewing up. I'm excited to see where it goes!

Ryouhiko-Ankuu responds:

Thanks! So far I've uploaded all three pics of it - that's all I have right now. I hope there will be more eventually.

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Jun 9, 2019
11:12 AM EDT
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