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Mabel 10


It's magical girl march! I probably won't be doing a lot of it, but a few drawings this month should suffice.

This is my girl Mabel. She's not a typical magical girl, but I think of her as one personally.

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Reminds me of that crazy clown, IT, or whatever his name is. And her face tells me, don't feed this rabbit

Nice piece of art. Been gathering courage for a while now to ask you this. Would you be okay with it if Mabel graced the background of my cellphone?
I'm not sure if the licensing terms applied to comercial purposes or the big everything, so I thought I'd ask.

Ruedefaux responds:

Hi~ if youre just going to be using her as your phone wall paper, thats totally fine. I mainly just dont like my art to be reposted without a link back and definitely wouldnt want it to be used commercially (and my watermark should be on the work at all times cuz i dont post unmarked art)

But for personal wallpaper usage for your phone or desktop or whatever, go ahead c:

This drawing is good, for me, I love the detail of the shadows and the lights. It remember me a character of Dragon Ball called "The Rabbit boss" and that is more cool :)

Ruedefaux responds:

thank you~
not familiar with the rabbit boss, however. this character was inspired by a game called nights into dreams and also the touhou series :D

The design of this character is killer, I wish it was higher resolution. My only feedback is I don't like the way the crystal shards are aligned and the watermark is kinda big.

Edit: yeah the shards look to be under the influence of her hands but her hands are gesturing downwards while the shards are radiating outwards so there's a discontinuity between two things that are seemingly related which breaks immersion.

Ruedefaux responds:

Thanks for the feedback c: I'm glad you like her design.
I wish you gave a little more depth to why you dont like the way the shards are rather than just saying "I don't like it." That doesn't really help me too much.

Also, I'm sorry, but that's how I like to do my watermark and I'm also not cool with posting higher res images online for personal reasons. ^^;

edit: okay, i see. I understand. In my head the shards like spin and move around in different directions, so that may be why it looks weird? Her hands were definitely supposed to be gesturing downwards. But I guess I can understand why to another set of eyes this may look odd or out of place-- maybe I could've even illustrated it better? Whos know, perhaps I'll even come back to this piece another time XD

I love the way you've done the fabric on this.

Ruedefaux responds:

thanks man~

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4.50 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2019
6:58 PM EST
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560 x 746 px
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