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North Korea: Rewriting History


while conscription age in the north korean military is 17, young children are taught through state-sponsored education and cartoons of the horrors of the Korean war. however, North Korea's version may differ greatly from history - depicting americans as bloodthirsty rapers, killers and pillagers responsible for the horrible state their nation is in today.

ironically, this rings partially true as America and its G20 allies refuse to send the starving country aid while NK arrogantly develops its nuclear program at the protest of larger, bullying nations. with both sides giving the cold shoulder, North Korea's people continue to suffer in a famine that has drawn on for almost 20 years.

still, North Koreans young and old would vow to defend their country no matter the cost. In one North Korean cartoon, a daydreaming child imagines a pack of pencils turning into missiles in a Fleischer-like transformation, a technique taught to North Korean animators by Soviets during the height of North Korea's power in the cold war. here is a similar picture with the mix of education and militaristic propaganda that NK uses to inject its pride into its army - the one of few shining gems it has to show off to the world.

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Love this

you work really lets me learn more :)

brilliant piece

amazing piece simple but very effective any chance of buying this in a poster / print form ?


It's a nice piece and I get the message, but you don't have to be a dick to people who express negative feelings about the flag's predicament. As an artist, don't you want people to be honest? Maybe encouraging the viewers to be so instead of insulting them would workout better if that is the case.

That flag used to mean something and, to some, it would be like desecrating the face of Jesus or Mohammad. I personally see the flag and think of what this country used to stand for and what it could have been or may still become.

I give this piece my endorsement.

The depth of this particular piece is something a lot of people don't capture in their artwork. I have to congratulate you for submitting a picture that is both thought provoking and controversial at that same time.

And to all those who might find this work offensive, I would have to say that the I feel the piece is more about being objective rather then making a statement that would be assumed if one took the picture for face value.


First, I love your art style. That much goes without saying.

Second, the message is really quite important. So called "patriots" who simply view desecration of the flag in any circumstance as an evil suffer from the same lapses in judgement and errors in logic that the despots in NK use to brainwash their people.

Both sides are at fault in this, and the real casualties are the populace of NK -- and yet, too few people choose to recognize it. More people need to open their eyes and look beyond the propaganda of both the US and NK.

Well played, sir.

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Mar 23, 2010
5:41 AM EDT
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