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North Korea: Kid Soldier 1


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i am starting a series of north korean paintings and animations. i have already done a cartoon about kim jong il, and i will start another one soon. but i also want to do some paintings on how i feel about north korea/DPRK.

this topic has fascinated me for a long time. i know a lot about the country and its bizarre traditions.

in this painting, we see a child soldier with many medals and a russian AMK assault rifle.

north korea spends 70% of its GDP on its military, much higher than any nation on the planet. still, most soldiers are equipped with outdated soviet and chinese cold-war era weaponry.

in the North Korean army, medals are passed down through families. so a Korean child who has just joined the military could already be very highly decorated if their ancestors had a militaristic career and fought in the Korean War in the 1950's.

technically, North Korea is still at war with South Korea. only a cease fire was agree on. the DMZ (demilitarized zone) is still occupied by many troops, including up to 30,000 Americans. it has separated North from South for over 50 years.



Wonderful use of creating lighting effects!

Im from korea!

Im in the us army now. Hopefully i get deployed their. Its true tho, north hates south, but think about it like this. Why did North Korea help out the USA< and was one of the VERY FEW nations that actually gave us money when we were and still are in economic collapse?

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So true...

Their society is pretty screwed over there, although we're starting to take a similar direction in certain aspects. I actually think it's pretty good, is he modeled after Toriyama style?

Fun (and educational) piece

Not only do I get a nice piece with a fun character and neat, lighter-than-air coloring style, but I learned something, too! Excellent detail on the gun and medals. I have to admit, I'm taken aback 'cuz when I think about it, this a pretty dark subject...but an excellent drawing nonetheless. Good show!


i will always love your pastel way of art.
it has alot of airy white parts in the color which give it good definition.

btw totally off topic but id you hear because we passed the healthcare bill we may become communist?

thought it would be funny to le tyeh know =P


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rtil responds:

send a salami to a boy in the army

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Mar 22, 2010
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