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Dressed as Jessica Rabbit


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The two young men spoke in unison, pointing at each other as each walked through a separate door into the private dance room.

"You received an invitation too?" Yushiro asked, confused but not unhappy. Friends had been hard to come by growing up; sure, he had plenty of servants, but no one to really have fun with. Hanataro looked promising, if a little on the wimpy side. Then again, looks could be deceiving.

"Uh, yeah, I did. I'm not sure why, and I didn't expect anyone else to be here," Hanataro admitted, rubbing the back of his head. Constant exposure to his various overpowered friends helped get him used to things like this, but Yushiro was a member of a noble family. The dark-skinned young man was so far above him socially, it wasn't even funny. Well, Yushiro's sister would probably find it amusing, considering her own friends.

The awkward moment was broken by a sultry, "Hello, boys." Both young men's attention snapped to the small stage; jaws dropping and erections surging, they both gaped at the sight of Rangiku, dressed to kill in a slinky red dress. Her massive tits, each one several times larger than her head, were barely held in place as she bent over at the wait, her enormous ass wiggling in the air behind her. Slits up the dress showed her long, sleek, powerful looking legs, further enhanced by her purple high heels.

Taken all together, Rangiku was sex on legs, even more of walking, talking fantasy then she normally was.

"I was watching an old movie visiting the human world, and I loved it," Rangiku giggled, straightening up and turning in a slow circle, giving both dumbstruck men a great view of her body. "My hair isn't quite red enough to match Jessica's, but I think I look even better than she did." She smirked down at them. "Well? What do you two think? Cat got your tongues?"

Hantaro and Yushiro's eyes met; despite the vast differences in abilities and social standings, they both had the same thought in mind.

Five Minutes Later...

"HMP! WMPHT! UMGH!" Rangiku grunted and moaned, her jaw stretched so wide it hurt a little as it wrapped around Yushiro's cock. Spit bubbled around her lips, falling to hit the floor or her swinging tits, pulled free of the dress. Yushiro had a firm grip on her head as he pumped his dick in and out of her mouth, forcing her to deep throat it.

Meanwhile, from behind, Hanataro was panting as he fucked her pussy with all his might. His grip on her arms kept her bent over, the better to pound her hot, wet pussy, her huge ass cheeks jiggling and wobbling each time his hips slammed into them.

It was insane. Rangiku had heard the term 'hung like a horse' and had slept with plenty of men who lived up to the phrase. But Yushiro and Hanataro put them all to shame; she didn't think she even had the vocabulary for how impossibly big they were. And they were both putting their cocks to good use, pounding and fucking her from the front and the back until all she could think of was fucked she was, literally.

A pair of grunts and then gasps were the only warning she got. Her cheeks bulged as cum shot into her mouth, pouring down her throat and overflowing around Yushiro's dick. At the same time, Hanataro came like a firehose, filling her pussy and quickly driving her over the edge of her own orgasm, leaving her shrieking in a muffled tone around the cock filling her mouth.

They let her go and staggered back, leaving her to slump to the floor, leaking cum from her mouth and pussy. Yushiro and Hanataro were worn out, and Rangiku looked shattered in the best possible way. For several minutes, only the sounds of heavy breathing and moaning were audible.

Then Yushiro gave Hanataro a grin that was all Yoruichi. "Up for another round."

To his surprise, the healer found himself smiling back. "Yeah...yeah, I am."

"Huh, what?!" Rangiku muttered as she was pulled to her feet. "Again, already-OH GOD!" she abruptly shrieked as Hanataro rammed his unbelievably enormous cock up her ass, spreading it wider then she ever believed it would go. A second shriek emerged when Yushiro fucked her from the front; her pussy, still dripping with cum and her own arousal juices, reacted immediately. Rangiku grabbed hold of Yushiro, pushing his face into her tits as she came again, screaming with pleasure. Dimly aware of Hanataro kissing her back and massaging her ass, she began to move with their thrusts, wanting, needing, more orgasms. More, more, more, until all three of them were all fucked out.

How long that would take, she didn't know, but for once, she willing to work hard and find out.

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Love the pic and the mini-story

Rtenzo responds:

Thank you adam!

Really enjoy your artstyle. BTW. There are some surviving pictures on your Tumblr-page

Awesome work on Rangiku!

Rtenzo responds:

Awww yeeah, thank you man.

Whoa she is even more curvy than usual.

Also love the line "Rangiku was sex on legs"

Rtenzo responds:

Ohh ya, credits to the writer for the story!


Rtenzo responds:

Thank you francis, really appreciate the kind words x)

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