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Distractions and Repercussions


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“Do you think that dress would look good on me, captain?” Rangiku wondered aloud, looking longingly at the slinky white dress in the store window. She would really like to have it, but she could tell at a glance it would cost a fortune. Maybe she could persuade her captain to buy it for her?

Toshiro didn’t respond; frowning, Rangiku turned to look at him, only to find him staring back behind them with wide eyes and an open mouth. She followed his eyes and felt a sudden stab of jealousy and irritation, not to mention surprise.

Isane was walking by, wearing the same school uniform Rangiku was. But where Rangiku was merely scandalous, Isane was borderline obscene. Her skirt was even shorter than Rangiku’s, or maybe her ass was just that much larger, showing off more of it as it bounced and swayed with each step she took. And her boobs…

Rangiku prided herself on her chest, but Isane, that little hussy, hadn’t been content with big. No, she had gone straight for enormous! Even from behind they were clearly visible; the silver-haired beauty had her hands resting on top of them, no doubt to keep them from bouncing free of her incredibly strained shirt. With her smartphone tucked handily in her cavernous cleavage, Isane bobbed her head to her music, pretending to be completely oblivious to all the attention she was getting.

But Rangiku could see it, and she wasn’t happy. Oh, she didn’t care about the random people on the street, but this was supposed to be her day alone with Toshiro, and now he was busy gaping at another woman!

Time for drastic measures.

She abruptly pulled him into the closest alley; with everyone staring at Isane-chan, nobody noticed them disappear. Hitsu-kun yelped, looking like he was about to ask a question, but when she pulled down his pants, he stopped, staring at her in bewilderment. Lucky for him, she didn’t keep him waiting long.

As expected, he was already erect and ready to go, and Rangiku was happy to oblige, putting her boobs and her mouth to good use. His cock slid through her tits and into her mouth, where she licked and sucked on it with all her skill. The taste and feel of him filled her senses as she pleasured her captain.

When she heard Hitsu-kun gasp, Rangiku knew it was time to take things up a notch. Spreading her jaw even wider, she worked his dick down her throat until the entire length of it was down her throat. She held it there until lack of air forced her to pull back, but just enough for her to get her breath back. Then she began pumping her head back and forth, giving a mental cheer when Hitsu-chan wound his fingers through her hair, getting into the act as well.

Somehow, they both managed to keep quiet enough that no one noticed what was going on. As worked up as he had been, and as skilled as Rangiku was at giving titfucks and blowjobs, they were able to finish in record time. Swallowing the last of Hitsu-kun’s cum with a sigh and a lick of her lips, she got to her feet. “Well, shall we continue?” she asked casually, as if nothing unusual had happened.

Chuckling, Toshiro offered her his arm again. “You know,” he said as they stepped back out onto the sidewalk, the crowd none the wiser about what they had been up to, “If that’s the kind of reaction I’ll get from staring at other women, you’re not exactly going to discourage me,” he told her.

Rangiku twitched. Damn, she hadn’t thought of that…

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Whoa! Those are some HUGE Boobs! O\\\\\O

Amazing! 👏👍

still my favorite version <3

Give Isane credit: It's not easy to one-up Rangiku in that department.

This is going to be good!

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Dec 4, 2018
5:08 AM EST
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