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Chuckys got ya

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Nov 8, 2010 | 10:35 PM EST
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Author Comments

Yea iv'e been watching Chucky the killer doll. Cause iv'e never watched it before when i was little like all the other middle schoolers... I wonder why. But anyways i finished watching the full movie series of Chucky and it was fun and awesome to watch and now im a big fan of that character. So heres this drawing of Chucky taking me Hostage. I also really wanted to draw him cause of all the detail he has on his face. Love his evil face expressions. And LOL i allways thought it was funny how Chucky piggy back rode on Andy and other peoples backs like this.

Chucky: Just keep walking kid. And no sudden moves or your head falls off. >:D

Me: ... D:

Sketches > http://rovertarthead.devi qul



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'M not afraid

of chucky I like him

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Rovertarthead responds:

Your not!? Save meh then. im afraid very afraid.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not quite.

What you have here is a very flawed piece, weighed down by some notable issues.
Firstly, there's the background. You have a lot of blank space above the subject, and the scenery just feels incomplete. There are three trees in the background, but that's really it. None behind them, none spreading out around the landscape, just those three trees, sitting awkwardly. The sky is atrocious; an unwritten rule in digital art is that, with some minor exceptions, gradients are taboo. They are ugly and they feel unnatural.
Moving away from the background and onto the subject, I find it very odd how Chucky's face is ridiculously more detailed than anything else in the image. It just doesn't fit at all with how toony the rest of the image is, especially considering how simple the face of the walking man is. There's nothing wrong with cartoons, but oftentimes if the whole piece doesn't have a generally consistent level of reality to it, the whole aesthetic is thrown off. Continuing on the matter of the subject, I find the legs to be bothersome. They're completely out of perspective; the backmost leg feels to be going out to the left rather than behind the man. Lastly, his clothes are so drab and void of detail. They have no wrinkles in them, for instance, and they're both pretty much static colors.
The piece has a lot of potential, which is worth pointing out. You seem to have put in an honest effort, Chucky's face (while ruining the rest of the piece for me) looks good, and you have some decent stylistic elements running with your tooniness. I can see a decent amount of skill, it just needs refining.
I don't have a real idea of where your problems lie, but it seems to me that you need to work on your backgrounds and involving the subject with them. The composition should really lend itself to feeling more complete; ie: less blank space. I'd advise you to avoid gradients in the near future.
I'm sorry for the mostly negative review, but I hope it helps you out some. Good luck, and keep on working at it.

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Rovertarthead responds:

Well ok yea i see some of your points. And i was actually going to put more trees in there but i thought it allready looked ok just like that. But yea i should have made more trees. But for one thing Chucky's face could be really detailed even in a cartoon if you'd like and so thats what i wanted to do. Thats the best thing about him. His face expressions with lots of detail. I know it might look kinda random with a real character like him with a cartoon character like me but i think it looks ok. But i guess you right about the background sky and the tree and cloths detail. I guess i got lazy on those parts. But other than that my drawings done. Oh and Chucky's legs are supposed to be all floppy like. Casue his legs are kinda lose when he's holding onto the person like that. Remember? But yea just for you i'll probably go back and draw in a few more things for ya ;) Thank you for the info and the 6.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


im afraid of him!!

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Rovertarthead responds:

Who isn't? LOL.