Falling down a mountain


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Here's a little back story I'm going to make up on the spot to help you better understand what's happening.

"AW HELL GUYS!" John yelled. "WATCH OUU-" before he could finish his sentence, a rocket flashed through their encampment and dug itself nicely into their supply tent, exploding a millisecond later and sending shattered pieces of stuff everywhere.

Those who survived were flung back a few meters and were too shellshocked to realize what just happened. It was the beginning of a vicious assault on the outpost they had set up not even a day prior.

'All that work to have this done to it?' John thought to himself as he coughed inside his gasmask and slowly picked himself up.. Bullets were now wizzing past everyone, if they weren't busy implanting themselves into his comrades..

The outpost was supposed to be a link between two of their bio-domes.. An early marker for a spot that they would use construct a dome, to make travelling between bio-domes more easy for transports.. It was in it's infancy and it showed. It was also set up on the edge of a snow-filled ravine-like landmark, actually it was more like a great big crevice.. Valley if you will. Whatever it was, it went down rather deep.. They hadn't sent an exploration team down that mile it took to reach the bottom to find out what was down there.

After grabbing a small smg he found from the wreckage of the supply tent, and still trying to catch his breath, he realized what was at the bottom of the ravine... An enemy encampment. Apparently their recon isn't worth shit, he thought to himself.

"ALRIGHT SHIT GUYS-" again interrupted by another explosion... this time blowing the edge of their encampment. The explosion was placed so that it started cracking the foundation of the ledge they were by. Snow and rock-debris flew through the air and knocked him back down. He looked over and saw all 15 of his men were also in the same state he was - pure confusion (some I guess were more worried about the wounds they had received)..

In his anger and confusion, John yelled, bracing himself this time so he could finish his sentence/thought "OKAY.. I KNOW WE WEREN'T ALL EXPECTING THIS TO HAPPEN.. BUT IT LOOKS LIKE WE'RE OUT NUMBERED... GRAB A WEAPON AND FOLLOW ME"

The only one who heard him was Gary. Gary was the closest to John and grabbed an smg from the same wreckage John had, and followed John towards the chaos that was happening.. Slowly the cliff gave-way and started collapsing, and their feet almost fell right through the ground.. John was aware of this, and placed his feet accordingly with the fall so that he would land in a sliding fashion and held his smg with an iron grip..

Gary was not so aware of what was going on, and instead of bracing himself for what was happening, he free-balled it and just went with the flow. That was not a smart decision, as he soon realized while tumbling down the hill in a very painful fashion..

John knew Gary's state and heard Gary yelp in pain as he was an easy target for gunfire, taking a bullet through the side of his abdomen.. Before Gary could die, John screamed "NOOOO GAAAAAARYYY!!!!" and opened fire carelessly at the unknown amount of enemy troops below their mile descent.


Yeah that's what's going on in this image. :S


sinse wen was therre snow in the nuclear apocalyps

great picture!!


tooo sick dude I ADORE IT

i started digi drawing 2 days ago and made my first submit.
i hope to be as good as you some time in about 50 years XD

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Rhunyc responds:

Thanks man! And I hope you will! I'm sure it won't take ya 50 years though ahah... If you work at it, it should only take a couple ;)

Heck, I've only been doing art for 6 years now! :)

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