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Bahamuts Playing Poker


A different take on the C. M. Coolidge's 'Dogs Playing Poker' and is really my first work using Photoshop the way it was supposed to be used.

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this is some awesome masterpiece. Btw on which side is Bahamut siting?

So hilarious, Bahamut is playing Poker!

I gotta say this is hilarious!, You might be an Art Moderator or be Scouted on the Art Portal for being awesome!, I am a big fan of Bahamut and his flash submissions and his BBS Posts, Yeah, I know, It was so awesome!, SO AWESOME! :D

Why five of them?

Seriously, I thought you knew about the folklore of Bahamut's potentially estranged friends / associates / relatives. I personally would have thought that getting this filled in with Bahamut (Blue); EmoDragon (Black); Fagamut (Pink) and Wyvern (Green) would have given you four of the five. To complete it, Tiamat is the goddess of evil dragons, or you could have found a red one for a laugh.

Still, this does evoke some very good emotions with the original piece by Coolidge. I think that there could have been slightly more detail with the chips on the table, but other than that, you've done a pretty decent job. A little more work could be used on some of the edges and the detail on otehr pieces, but don't go overboard, as you need some parts where it isn't as sharp, for the effect of the image.

[Review Request Club]

reverend responds:

Coop, that's a brilliant idea. I really should have thought of using at least Emo and Fagamut with Bahamut. I think in the future works I will. Thanks for the review!

Everyone's favorite dragon x5

-I was browsing the level up lounge and on one of Bahamut's many many posts he had a link that said amazing piece of art or something along that lines so I just had to come and see what he was talking about. To my pleasant suprise it was the pick me up that I needed. I haven't had the best of days so far and this made me smile.

-The background has that dark murky look to it that you would expect when in a place where cards are played. You don't want anyone to have a way to see your cards better than they ought to. The grandfather clock and the painting seem to be both tilted which I doubt you meant to do. Using some sort of right triangle or draftsmans tool(integrated into the background) to level things out can make this easier to get correct with the background.

-The Bahamut's could use some more detail and fine lines with shading to give them more definition and make them look less flat. As they are now they look like they could be blown away by the slightest wind from starvation. The light on top is off kilter and could of been made more centered from the point of origin on the top. It does however supply ample light for the cardplayers which was perfect in my opinion.

-I loved how you gave each Bahamut a different expression or emotion to make it feel more realistic which was drawn from the original piece. The cards aren't the most detailed pieces of work but they are passable. Also including the chips is a nice touch but they seem just like dots and not pieces. The chairs also don't seem realistic and look like pieces of plastic the way the colors are. Try adding detail accordingly to make them look like wood or your respective seating choice.

-Overall like I said even though it may not be the most well drawn or detailed piece of work it was humorous and brightened my day to see such a spectacle come to fruition.

-Review Request Club

reverend responds:

Thank you for this detailed review. You have been a great help kind sir!

Apparently there's five of me

Now that's something I don't see everyday. I really love the take on the famous Dogs Playing Poker artwork but with Bahamut (I could have sworn I had a similar idea in mind ages ago). Definitely some humour value there!

The drawing of the five Bahamuts is pretty good, although they could be better. The only flaws that can be pointed out are the horns for centre Bahamut and the one closest to the grandfather clock. Although there's quite a bit of detail to dragons, the horns for them could have been sharper (for the centre one at least) and straighter (for the other) to keep the consistency with the other Bahamuts.

The other fault that comes to mind is the wings of the Bahamut whose back is facing towards us. The lining of the wings to the body look really strange and don't match evenly to each other.

Overall, a few flaws here and there but the humour value and the awesome idea of five Bahamuts playing poker definitely makes up for the downfalls. Great work reverend. If this was in the Art Portal, I'd definitely put it in my favourite artworks!


reverend responds:

To be honest, I thought those were ears so I made them floppy. Thanks for the review and I'll work on changes in the future.

Credits & Info

4.50 / 5.00

May 1, 2010
3:22 PM EDT
File Info
1024 x 768 px
289.5 KB

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