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jeo flys 3


this is my 3rd version of the same picture,
this is a total re-design, it took a long time but i was watching anime most of the time i was working on this and i kept the same background.
something tells me i might end up doing some more to this picture one day.

its best if you enlarge this one so please comment
i hope you all enjoy :)

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One hell of an improvement!

The textures/ colors on the inside of the ship look GORGEOUS now, I love how much everything seems to just pop out at you! Alien dude looks like he's fought one hell of a battle now, and he's really off to fck some shit up.

I really liked the little touches in this piece bro, the streaks across the glass to add the reflective look were wonderful, and i love how you gave all of the control pannels that "backlit glow" look! Really great work dude!

Overall, Massive improvement on the previous piece
~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

Rennis5 responds:

oh sweet a 10!!
if i ever get around to finishing the comic that i'm drafting i think i will use this picture for the cover,
however i'm still nit picking at this, and i think i will make some very minor changes but i don't think i'll upload that version
thanks heeps dude

Even better

I see you have added far more texture to this one indeed. Like where you seemed to have gone even further though. I can't say much in the way of how much I think it has changed but I noticed details that I did not see the previous time such as a glossy finish to the windows and everywhere the blue electronic contents are it seems a lot more shiny as well.

The guy still has a great and angry look going on his face showing that he is in a hurry to go somewhere but it seems like he does not know where he is going either making it all the more angering for him. Very good details being added though.

Overall, great improvements I think.

Review Request Club

Rennis5 responds:

cool, also tryed to add some scratches to some of the metal parts but you can only just make them out if you enlarge this.
thanks dude, i'm glad you like it

Not terrible.

You could benefit from doing some figure drawing and learning a little anatomy though.

Rennis5 responds:

you should be a little bit more specific, but maybe his left arm is a bit off.
thanks for you'r review

Nice improvement

Well, since this is a re-design of an older picture, I will compare it by reviewing:

The shading is greatly improved and looks more natural to be, which helps the aimed 3D effect. The light effects are also looking good and give me the feeling that the spaceship is travelling at a high speed.

The perspective is also done way better than in your previous work, it actually looks like a room now, in comparison to the rather flat looking old picture.

Overally drawing style: Positive that you improved the look of the ship and the things like the green screen, altough the chair looked better and more 3D sytle in the old picture. in my opinion.

Additional notes: I would give the older picture 8 stars and this one improved it in a lot of aspects, so 10 stars are well deserved.

Rennis5 responds:

sweet i'm glad you like it
you might be right about the chair, i think the far side is rised a bit too high.
thanks heeps for you'r review dude

Credits & Info

2.99 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2011
12:40 PM EDT
File Info
1181 x 835 px
813.3 KB

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