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Bad endings


I created this drawing to express my frustration with the endings of videogames lately, i'm starting to think some videogame companys are doing this intentionally, how could they expect anything less than their fans to make a big deal about it and as the old saying goes "there is no such thing as bad publicity", however continual let downs to a gamer is only promoting one thing in my opinion and that is piracy, that sounds a little extream but games are not cheap and what other alternative is there after being let down so many times.

i chose these charcters for the following reasons

Cole Phelps from L.A. Noire
because almost everything you do in this game is wrong, completeing storys lines that become obsolete after realizing the last 5 people you collected evidence on, interrogated and had sent to jail were all innocent and now you have stumbled upon the real serial killer, and not even having the main character in the last part of the game seemed really shitty to me.

Booker Dewitt from bioshock infinite
i really enjoyed this game until the very last part of the ending.
its almost as if whoever wrote this game had taken inspiration from inception and the matrix but didn't understand anything in the movies.
There are real theorys based around dimentional travel and alternate universes but for the sake of bioshock infinite it may as well be magic
and creates a pointless ending shrouded in confusion

Jason Brody from farcry 3
just because i thought it would be funny, this game had 2 extreamly short endings but in all i didn't have a problem with this game

Commander Sheppard from Mass Effect 3
If you accept the endings for what they appear to be, they were off tone with the series and pretty depressing for the player after an average of 150 hours of game play from the first game.
If you accept the indoctrination theory wich i have done a fair amount of reaseach on and i belive it is very plausable and in fact to be the true ending to mass effect 3.
But if this is true then the war in mass effect 3 may not have ended as the whole last part of the game is inside Sheppards head and he may not have ever made it to the Citadel at all, so where is our ending?
perhaps mass effect 4 is the second part of the war?
Sheppard has died come back to life before it may happen again, figuratively speaking.
I still hold hope for this series but its been over a year since this game was released and we are all still in the dark about the ending and what the next game has in store for us

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Atleast JAASSOOON got to fuck the chick. I really agree with the bioshock ending though, seems to be fashion to make an incredibly convoluted shitty ending with Assassins creed and all that.
Talking about ac, why isn't Desmond in that bar?

Rennis5 responds:

i get asked quite alot why isn't desmond in this, so i am thinking about doing a second part to this drawing with just AC3 characters

Good art. Bad concept. I didn't finish L.A. Noire because well, doing the same thing over and over again and failing miserably every time when suspects lie to you for no reason got old really fast. Not having all too much freedom in a Rockstar game was disappointing too. The bad ending in Far Cry was dumb and the good one was little too sudden, but maybe that's why he's in the back. Mass Effect is another story all together and that's why I'm scared to finish it, but hey, there's a reason why E.A. got worst company 2 years in a row.
The one problem I'm having is Bioshock. The ending, after analysis and actually thinking about was inventive and honestly pretty shocking. It drops hints along the way that upon a second playthrough, become way more noticeable. Also I found the cross dimensional travel to be really unique and cool. I love how the reason why Elizabeth can open these rifts is because she is cross dimensional and currently exists in two different dimensions via her finger. The baptism being a birth was metaphorical of the "smothering" that needed to occur in order to prevent everything from happening. Even the name makes sense upon stumbling across the ending.
The argument that they didn't need to discuss the tears doesn't make any sense because way back in 2011 it was established that they would be a central focus of the game. It adds a layer of intricacy and depth that you only really see in movies and T.V. shows. Honestly, I do think it was one of the best games to come around in a long time and the ending added the exclamation mark to that statement.
Wow that was long winded. This long rant was just my way of saying that I'm tired of people complaining about endings. Good work on the art, maybe work on some of the dimensions of the beer mugs and positioning of the people in the piece. Also great facial expressions. Just please pick a better topic next time.

Rennis5 responds:

it might not bother you but i think the topic is pretty important, i'm sick of feeling like i just pissed my money into the wind, i think alot of people are aswell, you said it yourself, you'r tired of people complaining about endings, there is a reason for that.

i liked bioshock, i'm not completely slagging on anyone, my problem with the ending of bioshock infinite was with the decisions they made based on their fictional science of convenience which they may as well call magic because it creates pointless scenarios and plot holes, that creates a floored pointless ending, no matter how you interpret it,
i know not everyone sees it from my point of veiw and i respect other peoples point of veiw but i truly belive the ending of bioshock infinite floored

and about your art comment, the beer mugs were kind of rushed and thank you :)

The ending of Bioshock Infinite isn't confusing at all...

Rennis5 responds:

it is for some people thats why there are so many videos on youtube where someone explains the ending, but my that is not my beef with the story

wait. bioshock infinite had a shitty ending?

Rennis5 responds:

depends on your point of veiw

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Apr 9, 2013
9:02 AM EDT
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