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Hay hay, if you've seen Wilhelm Park then you might recognize this as the bus from a couple scenes :D

A lot of people commenting on it or asking how I did it, so I probably should've done this earlier but hey here we go?! I did it almost entirely in Flash, and here's how:

First, I made orthographic drawings in Painter and Photoshop (using reference photos of local busses), made sure that they were on a separate layer (without a background) and imported that layer into Flash. Those are the flat sides, front and back at the top.
Then, I ran a vector trace on it, trying various settings until I got it to look close enough to the actual drawings for my liking without being too complicated.
THEN, I took all the individual sides and skewed them around until they fit the perspective of the street that it was going to be moving down, and basically made them into a box (this was the first completed bus, at the top of the three)
I turned all the sides into separate symbols, and then basically placed it in two positions: one more distant and smaller, and a second one that was closer, larger and slightly stretched out horizontally.
After that, I tweened all of the parts from the positions to the second... the slight but continual change in perspective as it moved from point A to point B created the subtle illusion of a 3D object.

Once that was done, I started masking and lighting the shit out of things... you can see from the layers on the timeline that it eventually got pretty complicated but the movement itself didn't really change much once I had the basics set up. It's not as complicated as it looks, actually, most of that stuff is to control the differences in lighting.

So hey, PRETTY SWEET or PRETTY CRAZY BORING!? Maybe I just get more pedantic as time goes on, but I always have a soft spot for technical stuff like that.

FUN(?) FACT - The #25 bus referenced in real life doesn't actually go to Bridgeport.... WHOA.

Awwwwww okay thx bye <3


That's pretty nice looking.


Yeah no I nerd out on stuff like this and when I first watched this movie I remember yelling at my roommates from across the apartment "OMFG HOW DID HE DO THE BUS?!?!" So... yeah this was just the ticket :D


I didn't know you did it in Flash.

nice man

looks familiar

Somebody is from Van arent they :P


Those are alot of layers. It's good to name them (something I don't do >_<), especially since you've got so many. You did a really good job, nonetheless :D

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