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my interpretation of the Joker


Hope you like this dark version of Batman's archnemesis.

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His hand...

it is backwards... If his fingers are bending like that, his thumb should be on the outside.
But it looks pretty cool! I'd just work on making sure your light source is for the most part coming from one direction, and maybe have the hair be less solid at the edges, where it should be parting into almost separate strands.
As one final thing, I'll say that while the green smoke is moving to the left, the tie is moving to the right.
But yeah! Still overall very much something I think is cool, I'd just say do a little more planning in your art is all :P

redadder515 responds:

I corrected the hand position. Thank you for mentioning it.

I like it!

Others may say that the drawing is flawed and point out things that they see, but I think the unnatural pose and skewed details fit the image, especially considering that it's the Joker that's portrayed in it. The quote is certainly a nice touch. Isn't that what Joker says in that one scene from The Batman? It goes well with the image. I know it may seem odd to point out, but I think his face sort of resembles a more twisted version of V from V For Vendetta. Either way, excellent job. It kicks ass.

redadder515 responds:

Yeah, the quote is from the recent cartoon series The Batman, the second quote is what Joker tells Det. Bennet/Clayface in the series. The first one is from the comic, The Killing Joke, which was an influence for the recent Joker portrayal. And thank you again for your comments.

its a cool design

Nice interpretation but theres a few things keeping it from being an awesome image. first is the shading - never use dodge/burn. it looks really tacky and is the easy way out. instead, pick a shade of grey, alter the transparency, and shade with that on a seperate layer over your 'base' colours but under your lineart.

Secondly is anatomy - his hand's facing the wrong way around lol. I love the suit design, but the way the suit actually falls on the body looks un-natural and really flat i guess. Best thing to due? Look at models posing in suits. See how they fall on the body and how they wrap around the frame.

His posture, as well, is really un-natural and looks awkward. Notice how his legs are just spread apart for no real reason, and his left shoulder is just...sort of...stuck up in midair. Keep modifying your original sketch to be as natural as possible.

the hair's another problem - its been coloured/drawn/shaded in a totally different way to the rest of the pic, making it look tacked on.

on to the good bits - the spiked, jester-like collar is a fucking awesome touch, the face is spot on, and the bauble-bomb things are pretty fucking cool too

hope this advice helps man, lookin forward to seeing some new stuff

redadder515 responds:

Actually, I appreciate the in-depth critique and thank you very much.
I like to get feedback like this.


i really like the shading n colouring the arm feels really awkward tho and he has no neck nice detail n style u have lotta potential

redadder515 responds:

Thank you. I appreciate the critique.

Dark and Synical.

Just how I like it. Good job.

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Jun 20, 2009
11:14 PM EDT
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1007 x 1452 px
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