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Serjant Viktor fuckin' Jedski!
Although known as the "Sniper of Belinigrad", Serjant Viktor Jedski from Soviet Rushya gave up his sniping career in the army after he lost his right eye.
While receiving special combat training from General-Polovnik Lemaowicz, Jedski's skills wielding close combat weapons were above all expectations. Able to wield dual SMG's, the only problems Jedski has at the end of the day are his sore wrists.

Serjant Jedski will hopefully be in my next flash movie, as one of the assistants of General Rofelkopf, which I also submitted a bunch of art from before. Together they fight against the forces of Nazi Germanee, which is - like Rushya - a parody to an existing country.

Please be so kind to leave a review and tell me what you think of this dual wielding fighting machine :D

PLEASE NOTE that this is not about any real countries or regimes, but parodies of them for the sake of the animation I'm planning to make. Apparently I can't stress this enough, because SOME people don't read carefully and start 1-bombing because they fail to think before they type.


My Hero

My idol.
Love it.

RazorShader responds:

Very glad you liked it. I believe there's a badass mofo with an eye-patch inside all of us >:D

its the

its the hammer and sickl
jack ash

RazorShader responds:

The hammer and sickle are the symbol of Soviet Russia.
Like I mentioned in the author's comments that you didn't read or failed to comprehend, this character is from Soviet Rushya, which is a parody country and therefore has a parody name and a parody symbol to come along.

If you attempt to correct someone, make sure you do it right. By doing it wrong and start calling them names like "jack ash" you're only making a bigger fool of yourself then you probably already are.

If your reviews are as worthless as this one, you might consider to stop reviewing at all.

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