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Old Mario Bros Showcase


"If I could make a Mario game, i'd be so happy!"

My first flash game. It was my favorite game series growing up and I became frustrated by the lack of real sequels post Super Mario World. When New Mario Bros came out, I was disappointed at the unimaginative name and lack of anything really "new" about it. Hence, "Old Mario Bros".

The game had numerous issues and was VERY badly programmed and optimized. But it has taught me a lot about being a game developer and many things I put in it were fantastic anyway. The fish-eye backdrops, transparent Boos, glowing mushroom power ups, even the little sparks when a fireball contacts the ground... I can proudly say that I think i've always had attention towards nifty details and the occasional secret. My recent play through put a smile on my face, although some of the janky controls and punishing game overs left a lot to be desired.

Making these games has been a journey. Replaying them has been the equivalency of looking through a box of old photos. I can't figure out when I made Old Mario Bros, but i'm guessing it was around 2006-2008. It's going to be 10 years? Oh man...

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This brings me a lot of memories.

I remember there being a version where you started in Mario's house and there was a mirror where if you looked in it you'd see Captain Lou. or if you were playing as Luigi you'd see Danny Wells. was that real or am I just going crazy. I remembered it had the same art style but idk if it was this game considering I remember the camera being more zoomed in. then again I was like 7-8 when I played it so details are foggy

RayBeckham responds:

I have it under a different account, but you can also find it in my favorites list. https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/568213

I remember playing this almost 10 years ago.. RIP

Since Adobe Flash player has stopped working, will you ever re-upload the game using a different program?

RayBeckham responds:

The game was taken down by admins due to a Nintendo cease and desist. BlueMaxima's Flashpoint has it, though.

What music did you use? im trying to find the music using the credits and i can't fins it anywhere

RayBeckham responds:

The credits is a remix of "Super Pipe House" from Super Mario RPG. I listed it as Mario's Pad by steve1 but a quick search didn't find any results. A lot of content from the audio portal has vanished over the years.

The sky theme was called something like "Mario's Tuffler on the Clouds" or something, by none other than David Firth of Salad Fingers fame. Mr. Firth has scrubbed the song from the internet; I haven't been able to find it, either.

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Feb 21, 2017
7:18 AM EST
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600 x 1400 px
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