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Old M Bros 2


This is a scene I created from a game I created whos art I created, so I think that's allowed.

I tried making a sequel to my old mario game, but about halfway through I just lost the drive to make it. It's a really awful, terrifying thing to suddenly lose the will to do something and realize months of work just went down the drain because you can't get yourself to do something as simple as an animation or setting up a stage. I did manage to finish the game, but so shameful I felt was the result that I uploaded it to a dummy account, linked on my user page here.

I do love the art style I made for it and wish Nintendo would change up Mario's look and gamestyle instead of the same-ol' fake 3-D stuff they put out.

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bowser looks like a wolf

I think you know me well enough to know that I empathize really heavily with that second paragraph. How much science and math and sleepless nights did I spend all these years just to watch them on the cutting room floor, or trapped in some psychosis of feeling juvenile or even worse, having the plug pulled by hardware failures.

I also really like your Mario design, it's unique and pleasant. Thanks for the link to Old Mario Bros 2!

RayBeckham responds:

The first mistake in Old Mario Bros 2 is putting a hard jump right there at the beginning.

AVGN: "What were they thinking?!" If I could do it again, I wouldn't have a forced jump like that till level 2 or something, while having optional jumps before that you might accidentally discover on your own. I think when you're that deep in your own idea you don't really realize that a mechanic like that might be difficult for someone to grasp and they certainly need time to get the hang of it.

Hell, I delayed introducing the chain in Sanguine 2 and people still complained. Maybe I should have given them the chain, not required it at all until world 2... the trouble is that the chain is meant to be a fun creative thing; it's not always essential.

Now sliding up walls and grabbing ledges in Sanguine 2? I "think" I never told a player how to do that and it's never really required, until maybe way later. Hardly any complaints on that one, so I did good there.

The hardest part of being a game designer is also being a psychologist and or behavioral specialist. 'Trying to figure out how people will react to ideas and how quickly they may or may not grasp them.

I love your art style,it's unique and interesting :)

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Feb 20, 2017
11:59 PM EST
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839 x 543 px
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