Sniper Grunt


Well, this was done as a "meh" piece of work 3 in the morning.

Helmet design (c) me, for it is original and goofy/cool looking I'd like to keep it.

Complain about how crap it is, and I will mark your review as abusive - please give me constructive criticism instead of un-intelligable spam of profanities. Grow up, you can do better than that.

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it actually looks quite nice!


Very nice piece of work, I must say thought, it must be at dead noon or midnight for that shadow. not pillow shaded, but you might want to go three tone in stead of on the body armor with two tone. my pref, but it will help. this holds great potent, do a little harder work, and the sniper for some reason just doesn't seem appealing for the suit, Maybe a lighter suit for it, or just make a new barrel instead of the coolable muzzle break-like barrel. Not to barge or anything, but use some ref pics and pic off of some guns that really interest you and try to mix it up. I've been trying forever to get noticed with my art, but yours is very head on for the most part. How long did it take?

A Fine Piece of Pixel Art

Looks pretty good to me. If you dim the lights, It makes it look even cooler. The armor looks pretty consistent with the robot's sniper role too.

RamboFox responds:

Thank you, I'm pretty surprised as to how and why this particular piece is getting a fair bit of attention - it's old art, yes, but it's fairly good I suppose.

Much better!

This is my favourite piece by you, because of the detail and that you got the anatomy correct. I like the way the head looks like a robot skull, the red eyes make it look robotic and awesome. The body is great and I like how you've added shoulder pads to make it look more like a soldier. Now for the legs, I mean I don't think there bad but I personally think they would of looked better smaller, but I can see the look your going for with the baggy trowsers so that's fine. I like the shinpads to. The feet look fine I like the little lines on the end of them. Now for the bad parts, i'll start with the gun which is for sure the worst part about the piece, I mean the thing on the end is way to long. The grenades don't look that great either and I can see bits of white on them that I think you've missed to color (not sure) So a good piece, but the gun could use improving.

RamboFox responds:

Thankyou :)

Now, the bad parts - that thing on the end is the silencer (it's a sniper rifle), hence this robot soldier being a recon soldier.
The grenades have highlights, hence the "white bits" :)


It does look at bit blurry on the sides of it

RamboFox responds:

Hmmm... Yeah, if only slightly I see *experiments with graphics settings*

Credits & Info

4.78 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2009
3:20 AM EDT
Pixel Art
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214 x 226 px
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