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This is my piece for robotday2011, its a three headed dragon on head being a cyborg another being a complete robot and the last being an andriod. Before it was colored people kept saying it looked like or reminded them of Mecha king Ghidorah ( Monster from Godzilla movie collection). So i took some colors to extremes so that it doesn't much resemble Ghidorah.

This is my 1st piece ever to be edited with a program though it seems a bit inconsistent i am pretty proud to say i completed it, PhotoShop kept crashing.. so i used GIMP!! in the end GIMP crashed on me to but allowed me to save before i lost any data so I'm pretty much a happy camper. Theres a story behind this creature but I won't get into it.

Good luck to all the other artists participating in AVAT!


Misgoverned Bathrobe Element

The linework is great, a cyborg hydra ticks all the right boxes for me!
I think your painting is a bit ambitious, however. You've got a few regions of different colours (red, grey, blue and purple), which don't work together as a whole. Keep your colour scheme simple, and let your linework do the talking.

You've also got some blotchy spots of shading on the hydra, which looks clumsy compared to the details in the linework. Also I feel your castle is a bit impoverished of attention compared to the hydra, and whatever it's seated on looks more like a planet than a hill.

Hydra rarrarararar

Ramatsu responds:

Yeah it was abit of trouble keeping it consistent with a mouse, and the program would close when ever it wanted so I would save it like every few minutes, was a pain in the ass... But yeah I would have to show you some of my concept landscapes for this planet it's huge and it has odd shapes for the mountains water hills, etc. This planet has an unamed number of moons and has 75 suns orbiting around it instead of it orbiting around one sun,

Great idea, with flaws

I love the three-headed dragon idea, and the idea that the three heads are individualized even though they are part of the same creature. Some critical comments:

- Other than the robot's chest-light shining onto the hill, there's very little shading and many features, though detailed, seem really flat.

- Cyborg-head looks distinctly anime, Android-head looks more like a painting, and Robot-head looks somewhere in between. Meanwhile, the moon looks like a pencil sketch. This gives the piece an "unfinished" feel, even if it's done.

- From middle-right to lower-right looks really blurry and unfinished. What happened there? It's missing the detail of the rest of the piece.

- There's no uniform sense of scale. Those pine trees look 50 feet tall, except they're about the same size as 5 steps on the stone stairs in the lower-middle, and they're also about the same size as the stones in the path itself. I'm not sure if this dragon is 3 stories tall, 30 stories tall, or taller than the Sears tower.

I think you've got a great idea here, and you should keep playing with GIMP, as it is really powerful. (Although I think your computer has problems if you can't get Photoshop or GIMP to run correctly.)

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Ramatsu responds:

yes, It is slightly unfinished , I should have referenced the moon but over all due to my schedule and this being for a tourney. I found it best just the way it is and turn it in as it is now. And plus the programs weren't really being cooperative, but be on the look out.. When I get my tablet I will re-edit this and post the updated version.


My ideal robotday!

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3.68 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2011
4:39 PM EDT
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800 x 580 px
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