Here is something to start off this spooktober.


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I really love it. Nice job

Your dynamic lighting and perspective constantly impress me, and Mavis looks adorable here — faved!

One day I'll met this man- THIS MAN
who made this work fo art . . .
and im gonna shove a block of gold down his pants for this beauty

QueenComplex responds:

I would not mind
Thanks! :]

Vampire gals are the best kind of gals

The Hotel Transylvania film series is, at leasr to me, a decent, all-around funny venture featuring wonderful (albeit cartoony) animation, several laugh-on-the-floor gags, and ultimately, some valuable lessons about social interactions and family trust. I know that they're not on the same scale of quality as, say, most of Pixar's films, but I genuinely like them all the same. So as a HT fan, I'm glad to see that the perky vampire goth Mavis is getting some love during this spooky season.

My absolutely favorite detail about this illustration is the coloring. It looks incredible; as if it was a painting. The dark-yet-bright color scheme is pleasant to look at. I love how most of the drawing features a warm palette, particularly due to what I assume are candlelights and a lit chimney, and yet there is some moonlight pouring in. It makes this entry beautiful to look at. Likewise, the shadow play on the couch and floor are marvelous. It's use of red, black, silver, white, brown and a hint of pale is simply mesmerizing. That alone makes this piece of art already excellent. Oh, and the small drops of pussy juice (and the stream of it that Mavis has around her fingers), is naughty and, ultimately, a nice addition to the overall illustration.

Mavis herself looks stunning. Not only you made her your own; but also you stayed true to her character design. Her facial expression is absolutely delightful: I love her half-closed eyes, red blush and lips. Her small fang is a cute detail on a illustration that is definetly gorgeous. I like how it appears as if she was reaching for us, the viewer, to approach and join her. Seriously, that vibe only makes this picture more enticing. I also love how you modeled her body. I really like her hair, arms and hands; as they're all correctly proportioned and realistic. But I also like how you designed her private parts too: her small breasts are really well drawn (the perked-up nipples are amazing), her hips are nicely modeled (the skin texture is exhilarating), while her legs and thighs are, once again, beatifully colored and drawn. Her clothes are another great detail; I love the textures on her top (especially the wrinkled and worn lines), while her stocking look as if they were taken straight out from the films. Oh, and arms-wear also look delightful. Last but not least, I like how you colored her nails too; small, yet significant details like those are what make this pictures so fun to look at!

All in all, Mavis looks breathtaking. This is one fantastic way to start, as you said, Spooktober. Congratulations on this fantastic Mavis tribute QueenComplex!

QueenComplex responds:

Thank you! :D

Not many things make my day like a wall of text expressing how something that I do can look like magic from someone else's perspective! :]

But I think you deserve a confession about one thing - I've actually only seen like 1/3 of the first movie.
I saw it once airing on TV, got through like the first parts. As much as I respect Genndy always trying be more unique with his animation and tone, HT was too high energy for me. I did appreciate how cute Mavis was and over time, the lewd and non-lewd fan art of her eventually pushed me to want to make my own.

...btw I have made second Mavis drawing (and you bet its much lewder), but currently it's behind my site, but It too will be released eventually.

Mavis clearly does drink ...wine (unlike Bela Lugosi or George Hamilton) luckily for whoever's on the receiving end of that 'come hither' (or possibly 'get over here and fuck me') look.

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Oct 6, 2019
4:41 PM EDT
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