Of Trolls and Humans

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Of Trolls and Humans

Author Comments

Hello! I have a lot to say about this project. Each time a drew a character I learned a bunch of techniques so befittingly I put them on the next head( Kind of Like "Really Realllly Reading" A Picture Book, I mean It goes from Right to Left like the English language right?

Lets see: Watercolor Pencils, Color Pencils, Markers, Micron Pens, Smaller Markers, and a white Gel Pen. Some Prismacolor markers, basic of basic color pencils/watercolor pencils, two Commodore Watercolor Pencils for the horns and Prospit aura, a light blue sharpie, a very very small paintbrush and the pencil eraser combo.

I started off with Karkat, I will guess he took me about 4 hours to finish on the first day, the next day I drew Terezi(Licking his [red] aura), Sollux, and a penciled in Vriska.
On the 3rd day I began to finish Vrisk8 and then began my adventure with Tavros(My those horns were such a laugh[what does that even mean?.. Oh I should also mention that all of the horns do not have a micron nor Gel Pen[excluding Sollux but I am not even talking about it in that context] Outline].
After Tavros I wanted to try something I guess "more complicated" so I went for Feferi, and wow she took me as long as Terezi, Sollux and Vriska.

Actually When I first started drawing this I actually thought I was going to fit all Twelve Trolls on this piece of paper,,, pretty silly huh:? (Confused) So I had an Idea, Why not add the Wonderful Beta Kids into this. So onto one of my favorite homestuck characters Zoosmell Pooplor<---backspace(TRY AGAIN SMARTASS) John Egbert. [I guess this would be the perfect time to... throw project halfway though image
Simple by TallestGiraffe
and BAM! THERE IT IS! http://sta.sh/0r96gwoq6wn

[Personally I kind of liked it without the Alternia Spacey Background THE GREEN SUN BUT MARKER PERMANENT AND IDEAS MUST BE PLACED]

Actually today,(That image being today's starting point) I added everything else Such as Jade, Homestuck Beta Logo, sky, Prospit Aura, sky, background--EVERYTHING NOT ON THAT PAPUR(er) there.

Took me probably more or less 12 hours straight through. Actually this entire drawing is practically a little more(OR LESS) than 24 hours in a matter of days?(I DO NOT DOO THE BLACK MAGIC MATHEMATICS)[i think I might have gone a little crazy today...I actually wanted to put John and Jade in God Teir but I want to say this is probably Act 4-5 area.(I really enjoyed both acts of act 5 oooh yes.)

WoQu1d 1t bE okay 1f 1 typEd a11 of Wy fo11oW1Ng §ENtENcE§ 1N th1§ vQu1gar WaNNEr?
That 1§ a §tQup1d 1dEa

hs icon:trolls and 2 cherubs hs icon hs icon:trolls and 2 cherubs hs icon hs icon:trolls and 2 cherubs
Well to wrap this up lets see what am I missing? AH HA! All of these glorious characters belong to Andrew Hussie. Am I done? Is anybody(I do not know much about Fan Art and copywrighty stuffs[Usually why I dont do it too often besides 7th Grade Mario Brothers minor character concept obsession MUSTACHESSSS]])) still reading this? Buh huhh huh huh gogobannanas. OH YES THE ENTIRE TIME, THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS DRAWING THIS ON THAT 12 HOUR DAY... www.youtube.com/watch?v=UigzN-… AND www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkgXvT… BECAUSE... LUSUS MILK! FROM THOUSANDS OF MIGRATING MUSCLE BEASTS! FLOODED ACROSS A THOUSAND ACRES OF GREEN PARADISE.


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4.63 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2014 | 4:19 AM EST
File Info
5096 x 3507 px
8.9 mb

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