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Cube City


This was a little something I whipped up for my school's art class. It's nothing special, but it's one of the best things I've done. I thought it would look nice here on Newgrounds.

This piece is from 2009.

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kind of...empty

Couldn't you at least draw windows or cars something?

ZJ responds:

Well, it was really just a simple piece that I did in about two days of art class.

Lack of detail hinders, perspective is out

The main problem that a drawing such as this will have is that you don't have enough detail to draw the attention away from the issues you have with the perspective in such a case as this.

More work is required on the shading, so that you can get the pencil strokes going in the same direction at the same speed, so that it looks the same. Particularly on the front building, you've got an issue with the shading going in 3-4 different directions, which really does lose you marks on the whole piece overall.

Other than the obvious, you could also consider investing in some coloured pencils, in order to get yourself a more workable palette to produce these piece with. It's not like you're incapable,a s you've laid a foundation, but try to add some more bits and pieces that stop a street looking like a uniform concrete jungle, like a street map says it should be in most American cities and add some life to the works - street furniture, trees, clouds in the sky, an aeroplane, for example. You've got some good possibilities, so work with them and see what you can produce.

[Review Request Club]

ZJ responds:

Will Do. Thanks Coop!

Good atmosphere, but the perspective is off

Well, the atmosphere of this picture is very good. It's very noir and reminds me a bit of the silent movie Metropolis.

However, sometimes the perspective is a little bit off. For example it seems as if we can see the building on the far right from an angle that is a bit more to the left than we can see the other buildings. Also, sometimes the roof is a bit higher on the back right edge.
Also it's a pity that there is a huge plain just behind the buildings. I think some trees or more buildings (some small houses maybe) would have been nice there.

Anyway, overall it's a nice picture, but there's still some room for improvement.

{ Review Request Club }

ZJ responds:

Will do! Look for my next piece soon!


It's a cool hand draw man...But it seems a bit too sad...
I haven't nice things to say 'bout it, Fro said it all, but there are things that i would like to say(write) again...
The shading is very nice, the cubes are well drawn, but you could do a better job...
(Review Request Club)

ZJ responds:

Thanks, Brah!

~ Review Request Club ~

First thing that caught my eye before anything else was how the road ends by rising into the air above the ground level in the horizon. Tisk Tisk, we should have gotten out of the drawing floating roads in the air when we were small children. ;)

I like that there isn't any color other than gray and white in this piece. It does give it a certain feeling. Not really a sad feeling, but almost the feeling of an old routine that someone is bored of doing time after time. It just kind of drains your energy and makes you "not happy." The picture does a good job of giving that feeling.

Did you use a regular pencil or some graphite drawing kits? Either way don't push down so hard to get the darker colors like we see on the road because the bottom left of the road gives off a nasty glare. This can be avoided by using layer after layer of a 2-B graphite pencil or one of similar shade. I know that it takes longer to do the layer on top of layer technique, but it does get rid of the shine.

I felt that the shading was good for the most part, but on some of the buildings that are closer you have these random dark lines that really stick out and don't look that good.

Other than that though I really like the picture. I always loved drawing cubes. I think you did a really good job on proportions and positioning of all the buildings. Nothing really sticks out like it's not the right size or that it's out of place.

A couple of things that you might think about adding to this piece could be a city on the other side of the horizon with buildings rising. They would be relatively small, but they would do a good job at covering up some of the empty white space while at the same time sticking with the cube style.

I also wouldn't have minded seeing some shadows thrown into the picture where the buildings would be casting them. On one last note, take better care of your art. I can see the wrinkles and lines of where you folded this and threw it somewhere. :P

~ Review Request Club ~

ZJ responds:

Thanks, bro!

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Feb 7, 2010
10:09 PM EST
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