Dark side of the moon


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Reach out. you never know who's life you can change !!!

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Man I'm no artist, but this is very dope bro ! I don't know what the guy below me is thinking or is just blind. I'm always looking at comments ''I'm nosy'' but i looked at his stuff and its not even that good or near your talent man.KEEP GOING STRONG, because this drawing hits home.

I love the symbolism of this piece, just thought I'd get that out of the way first. Also, the rosary up top was a nice touch. An important note about the symbolism though:

Pop culture can be an ill, but there isn't enough of it for the person to be drowning in your drawing. It feels so, uh, Captain Planet-esque. "Move into a new neighbourhood and you become a drug addict!" And this is what it feels like here. There isn't enough visualisation of context. It's like, oh, she's listening to Pink Floyd and playing with a Fidget spinner and so she must be lost in pop culture. We know that that IS NOT ENOUGH to make someone an obsessive type.

The picture actually brings out more questions than it does answers. What is she going through? Why isn't it visualised here? Why are we getting a namby-pamby, less-than-honest version? Alcohol and drugs are social ills but how did she get there? There are so many things that ought to have been put onto that drawing, that haven't.


But for all its symbolism, it's not striking, and it's not artistically competent. And I really cannot stress this enough:

1) Proportions. Every artist on Newgrounds will tell you how important anatomy studies are. It seems you have done some -- the hand up top looks far better than any other bodily part in this drawing -- but you still need to keep at it.

2) Shading. Where is the light coming from? Top right? If so, your shading doesn't reflect this. Light and shadow can make a very important statement in and of itself, and it's lacking here. Everything looks porcelain. Even things that aren't supposed to be porcelain, like the lady's hair or even her shirt. For a piece titled "Dark side of the moon," I don't see actual physical darkness -- which can actually heighten and enhance whatever symbolism you already have here.

3) Perspective. I know this one is a hard one to achieve; every artist struggles with this. Even I do, so I feel your pain with what I am about to say.

We look at things just by what they're supposed to represent, not a photographic memory necessarily. But if you tried to put this on a photo, for example, is this what you would see? If you had an actual lady doing what she was doing on a photo, is that what she would look like, her body squished like that?

This is where perspective comes in. Our eyes see things at different angles, but even front view has a perspective all of its own.


So what do I recommend?

Tutorials, and studies, and lots and lots of practice, for one. Ask any artist on NG and they'll tell you that to get from meh to great, they did precisely this.

I cannot stress this enough to you because I know that with a lot of practice, you'll turn this into a much better drawing.

PROFA21 responds:

First of all thank you for your input. I will work on other aspects and more, but i think you went way overboard with the rant !!! The project is about how teens are lost in the modern day, and i have witnessed a lot of them reaching out for help. there is high suicide rate n my city. This piece is God reaching out. I looked at your work, and it's average at best buddy. I'm not dissing you or nothing, but if a person was to judge our work. I'm pretty sure mine would stand out. I could pin point your driffty line work, and low color schemes into the same basic anime style, but i won't !!! I will thank you again for your input.

I been trying to find you for days ! The Mario project was great, but this is very great. I'm blown away by the message in this drawing ''very deep'' just WOW.

PROFA21 responds:

Thank you sir.

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May 19, 2017
1:23 AM EDT
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