Inktober/ Drawlloween Day 4


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Day 4 of Drawlloween/ Inktober tells the tale of Bongo playing Tale Teller.

A day at the beach used to mean endless fun of sun, surf, and sand until one day after a terrible storm brought "him" in.

No one knows where he came from, only that his name was Kahuna, or at least that is what he referred to himself as.

He always sat in the same spot in the baking sun and silently played the bongos until a beach goer ventured close to Surfer's Lagoon, a place known for its fine waves.

"Hold it right tha mon, i wouldnta da to enta those sacred watas unless you are of true skills. She has a way about ha, sit and listen to mah tale."

He would play his bongoes in an eerie rhythm and told the same story every time.

"I tell ya a tale of love and of passiun. Of adventcha and most impatantly, of a monsta.

Der once was a mon. A mon of the sea. He would take 'is boat upon the watas of the lagoon to meet da woman who stole his heawt. No one in 'is villoge knew who dis mystary womon was. He would always dodge dere questions.
Only dat she was unnaturally beautiful and dat he had to leave before she stawted calling to 'im."

When the surfer began to ask questions, Kahuna would continue and ignore them. Like he was in a trance as he spoke.

"'Apologies faw me bein late mah love, dem mon wouldnta let me leave.' Deh mon said as he leapt from deh bowt into deh wata. Her soft moans announced her pleasa at his retun.
As teh days went by, deh man fell in love with a womon of the land, deh sea, she get jealous at his betrayal so one night she sneak upon deh land and stole him from his bed and gave to him a gift. A servant of deh sea attached to him head and devoured him heawt so he never again left her side. Neva to die but to tell dere tale ova and ova again."

After his story ended, the surfers would laugh and then dive headfirst into the lagoon.
Kahuna simply watched as they disappeared beneath the waves.

The disappearances were few at first but as they increased, the lagoon was closed off and seen as cursed by the local islanders who try to dissuade visitors but are not always able to stop them.

With each storm, Kahuna appeared on the same beach and when trespassers ventured onto his beach he would stop them.

"Hey mon, i wouldnta go into dose watas if ya don have dah skills. Deh sea has a way about ha. Come, sit and I tell ya a tale of love and of passiun. Of adventcha and most impatantly, of a monsta."

The bongoes play as the tale begins...

"Dere once was a mon of deh sea...."

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