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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Tankman short EXTRAS


Just some extra stuff and commentary for my pico day short



So the Cass mecha was more inspired by older, goofier looking mechs, which fit cuz pico school is old NG stuff, specifically by getter robo since the 3 characters fit the 3 man team thing and I liked the combining aspect. Pico's jet's front fins would spike up to make the V fin on the final design. The wheels on Darnell's really shitty looking car would receed inwards and towards the back to use the wheel wells as where the lanky arms come in. When the head and body connect i would imagine the "moustache fins" on the car would snap down into place all cool like. The Nene legs i dunno they just kinda hop into it and those 2 clamps around the belt connect to the car.

The lanky extendo arms were another getter inspired design choice. I imagine them shooting out and tearing into things with the spike claw things. Also there would probably be a super cannon underneath that newgrounds frown for reasons... (nsfw link warning kinda???). The legs are kinda whatever im not super good at designing robot legs lol



The Nexus had less direct inspirations aside from the chest area in the 2nd pic being somewhat inspired by the Turn X. I changed the chest from the first pic cuz i wasnt a fan of how it looked like i gave the robot tits. I more just tried to make this one look newer and "edgier" to fit madness. The main feature was the floating Gattling gun/3 knife combo which is absolutely stupid but I wanted it to be like how the madness character's hands just kinda float around. Those floating death things shoot and can slice, The box at the end of them is filled with ammo. I imagined them to be someone similar to the funnels from Gundam in how they can circle around an enemy independant from the main robot. I gave it an extra arm cuz it looked weird having no arms and that arm can also reach one of the 2 weapons on its back (I drew them both as swords but looking back one would be a long sniper rifle.

The halo is mostly for show, just a reference to madness but the sides of his head do have smaller guns on them. I'd imagine the front pocket looking box on the waist would carry some gnarly bomb. And yeah razor blade feet cuz i dunno its metal or something. It could kick or land on you and your machine would be torn into. I'm not as proud of this one as I am Pico's (there should be A LOT more guns) but for a first-ish draft design theres something there.

Also i was tempted to give it that tricky head with the 2 spikes but i did kinda like the red cross referencing how all the madness goons have that on their face. Plus I like to think then this thing is started up, the cross fills up blood red all cool like


And here's a buncha newgrounds mechs that would've been in the original plan to make the animation more of a proper anime into type deal, Kinda like my FNF animation. It would've been neat but I kind of have other projects I wanna procrastonate on so I didn't want this cartoon to take a while. Plus like I might've not got it done. I animated a bulk of the cartoon in 1 night so I didn't have to worry about loosing interest or finding the motivation to continue. Anyway here's the robots:


I swear i had more in mind but i cant think of them rn

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i wonder if pico nene and darnell are old enough to pilot an eva



i love all these designs....

Love the art!!! I saw the animation and it was really cool! :D

Credits & Info

4.81 / 5.00

May 2, 2021
12:34 AM EDT
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793 x 542 px
1.2 MB

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