The Drunkship Vineyard


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Gin is the Captain of the Vineyard, standing ion the front with her sword brandished.
Hops is both the Driver and Mechanic. He's steering the Vineyard through Rainbow Space.
Rum is enjoying the view. He's the number cruncher in charge of funding. an Accountant, I guess.
Tonic is just sorta standing there against the pole. He's good on the field, but has no real jobs on the ship itself, so he helps supervise.
Brandy is swabbing the deck, like the young Swabbie that he is.

This band of pirates steal all kinds of drinks! Sodas, Juices, Fancy Mineral Waters, but no alcoholic drinks. (with one exception as it's used to start the engine.) Getting drunk onboard the ship is a big no-no... off on shore, go nuts, but you better be sober (or at least at the legal limit) when you come back on board.

The engine of the Vineyard is unique. It runs off of bubbles. Carbonated bubbles from soda are the ship's main fuel source, though in a pinch, dish soap, bubble bath, and even bubbles formed from boiled water can also be used. It needs some sort of flammable fuel to start the engine, however. Alcohol is a viable source, and red wine seems to work best. Seeing as wine is used to start the engine, the name "Drunkship Vineyard" fits.... that and the crew is named after alcohol.

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