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Made this one a while ago...
It's an idea for a character I have who is the adotped son of the Sandman.
The Sandman helps the children sleep peacefully, and then this kid goes in said dream to stop succubi and incubi from creating nightmares.

Succubus and Incubus are lustful demons known for basically raping men and women in their sleep. Well, in Castelvania: SotN, there was a succubus boss who was messing with Alucard's dream in this purple coffin thingy by making his mother's last words seem to be against humanity. Well, naturally, you kill her, and her death in the dream world set her soul wandering for eternity.

That boss fight inspired what incubi / succubi do in my universe. They're still lustful sex demons and stuff, but rather than physically attacking you as you sleep, they enter the minds of adults and make them have wet dreams that usually end up going sour as they're into some freaky stuff... like putting toes up your nose before piercing your bellybutton 17 times, all while 69'ing upside down, danging above electrical spikes made of magma sharks (who are also trying to put their human-like toes up your nose)

Some succubi though, tire of crazy perverted stuff and exploiting the lust of men (and the occasional woman) and instead harass children's dreams by scaring them with their biggest fears and hard truths of reality smacked on them much too soon for them to understand, and feeding off their sweet, candy-like innocence.

And this child is going to stop as many demons as he can from causing those sorts of nightmares in children.

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Apr 17, 2015
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