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Cecily's visit


you think you hear something go *KA-TAK*
and before you know it Cecily is on top of the bed

"Be quiet..."

You're astonished by Cecily's intimidating attitude

"Hello,Prince. I heard that you like this sort of thing, so i came here"

At that, Cecily slowly removes her night dress . She is naked from the waist down

"You're still soft"

Cecily's hands are soft and cool to the touch . She takes your still flaccid penis
in one hand, and lowers her face toward it

"You can just lie there. I'll just...nnn...kuchuu...take it from here"

"*Lick* *Slurp*"

Cecily somewhat tentatively runs the tip of her tongue over the head of your cock.
She sucks gently on the little cleft...


"ah... it's getting hard...
Maybe I'm starting to get to you...?"

Your rod is starting to grow in Cecily's hand.
Hence Cecily's casual remark.Whether she was posing her question to you, or just
talking to herself is anyone's guess

"Mmm, that's not enough for you, is it?
I'll have to try harder... *Slurp* ... Haa...nnn..."

Convinced of her own words, Cecily snakes her tongue over your cock even more intensely.
With one hand she strokes your rod up and down rhythmically sending shocks through
your body

"Getting bigger...bigger and bigger..."
"Ah... A different flavor on my tongue...
I'll suck it right up... Clean as a whistle...

She takes just the head of your cock into her mouth
and sucks on it .

She doesn't say much, but as you watch her fellate you, your cock becomes sticky and gooey
with more and more of her saliva

Cecily must be getting aroused

"Well, it's time for the main course"

With that polite declaration, she takes you into her mouth as if settling in for a big meal

"Fue...kuu...kehoh...kehoh...So deep..down my throat..."

There's no way that she can take the whole thing in her mouth.
She gags, and her eyes well up with tears

"O-one more time...nnn..jyuru...
Mmm... Getting bigger... Magnificent..."

Cecily nods, satisfied with her efforts. She begins to bob her head on your cock, swirling her tongue
around it at the same time

"Nnn, nn...jyuru...
Serving you feels good..."
Jyuru...afu... It's alrady...sticky...
*Smooch* *Slurp* *Slurp*
Saliva escapes from around Cecily's lips, and she sucks it up frantically
"Getting so big...in my mouth...
Getting hot...nnn...chyuru...nnhh..."
I love sucking it..."

Cecily must have sensed that you were getting close.
She sucks even harder, and kicks her up-and-down motion into high gear

Occasionally running the coarse surface of her tongue over the head of your cock, her movements
are begging you to shoot your load .

and then at last...

"Hyah! Nnn... It's...overflowing...
This strange flavor...in my mouth..."

With a pained expression on her face, Cecily
swallowed the semen that filled her mouth

"Oooh, it's twitching. Nnn, chyuru, chyuru...
Here... let me clean it off so you can doze off just like this..."

With that she went back to licking your now-flaccid
penis,fastidiously returning it to it's original state.

And thus conclude the late-night visit from Cecily

funded tru http://www.patreon.com/pinoytoons

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A good sense of light and shadow with a nice story. Good job.

Ah Millenium War Aigis love that Game! Great Art Like always!

Great artwork.
Would you consider doing gay ones?

Dakzky responds:

nope . it makes me uncomfortable

Credits & Info

4.41 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2016
10:28 PM EST
File Info
1280 x 950 px
434.6 KB

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