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My submission for robotday2010! (It's a different genre of art then the others, though...) Featuring all 6 Newgrounds bots with COL-LAB, and a Pika-Robo. I was working on these guys the first time I heard about Robot Day. I wanted to do a group shot (which would have looked a lot cooler) but it was physically impossible, so each got their own photo with a quarter for scale. But THEY ARE ALL PART OF THE ONE SUBMISSION, just as intended. Maybe later I will post them all next to each other laying down or sitting, just not standing. I tried to avoid a wall of text and extra-detailed descriptions this time around, I'll save that for their separate submissions. ;) Sorry for the fuzzy/dark quality, but it's the best I could do.

What do you think? Not exactly what I had in mind but atleast I made all 8 that I wanted to.

Edit: Yay! FP! This shall only push me to work harder!

Edit2: Every single one of them now has their own submission. They also have more angles and way better lighting. So if you want to get a better look or comment on a specific one, go to my art page and find their respective spots (plus many more).


haha these are so great man

just wish you had a better camera and lighting

PikaRobo responds:

I'm currently re-taking them with better lighting. A better camera seems like a nice idea.


one thing that bothers me is that they dont have names i have no idea who half of them are so one thing that i recamend for the secound pic is name tags thanx for the time


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PikaRobo responds:

C-bots stands for Clay-bots. I thought most people would have gotten that.
Since I noticed you are a bit new I'll let it slide. The first six are the main Newgrounds bots (P-Bot, A-Bot, M-Bot, F-Bot, I-Bot, and G-Bot). Visit their profiles to know what they do. They are also on the side banners for Robot Day.

The purple guy is COL-LAB, the final boss in M-Bot: The Game. And the little yellow thing is a version of me! But that should be obvious.

I'm going to make each one separate, so maybe that could help with the tag problems.

Pretty Sweet

I chuckled, so you got a 5.
too bad that the lighting is a little dark.
You should pose them all together and sculpt a mock NG style base and get a big picture of that.

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PikaRobo responds:

I like your idea, but because the models are SO delicate, I don't think it could be done without photoshopping. :(


that is excellent, shows real time and effort and is a great reference for the bots, didnt even know g-bot looked like that

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PikaRobo responds:

Yeah, I asked Mindchamber what his bottom-half looks like so he sent me a sketch of him. So then I basically tried to model off of that (Including the detail on the back.)

Good work! ^^

You did a great job on the bots and I really like the other characters too. It's interesting how you managed to give them different facial expressions. Nice!

Too bad that the photos are kinda dark. It reduces the quality of the pic and the colours look less saturated than they actually are. Even worse, cause you did so good on everything else.

But really, that's the only thing I need to criticize.

I also like the setting with the screws and metal parts everywhere around, that's a good idea.

PikaRobo responds:

Even I'm disappointed in the dark camera work. I tried to fix it but I only made it worse. I would say my camera ruins everything I try photograph. But thanks for commenting!

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Jul 9, 2010
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