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National Puppy Day


Don't support breeders and puppy mills. Instead, head on over to your local animal shelter and adopt a puppy today!

If you're already the proud owner of the undisputed bestest, cutest, and goodest of boys, then today's a great day to celebrate by taking them out for a new toy, having them groomed, or simply giving them a longer-than-usual hug.

Allergic to dogs? Then adopt a cat and teach him how to bark.
No one will notice the difference.

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They are all cute but the puppy biting the other puppy's ear is the cutest.

Phronemophobia responds:

Nine out of ten puppies agree that puppy ears are the second most delicious part of the dog (one's own tail being the first). The tenth puppy is the one whose ear is being gnawed upon.

Thank you for your kind words and please hug a zebra foal for me. Actually, hug the parent, too, since zebras are adorable at any age. <3

An adorably adorable drawing with a lovely description. Such charm <3

These guys do look like the goodest of boys. No question. I love the wrinkly ones the most. The pug is too cute, especially with the other pup a-nibblin' on his ear. Also, I can't tell if the dog on the left is yawning or scat-singing the blues. Let's just say it's the latter ;)


Phronemophobia responds:

There's always a yawning puppy when you're watching a bunch of them doing puppy things, like taxes... and yawning.

Pugs seem to get slightly less wrinkly when they mature and bulldogs get wrinklier as they grow up. That, or maybe it's a case-by-case. I'm not sure. I guess you and I will need to gather up handfuls of pug and bulldog puppies to make observational notes on how they look as they age. We'll also need snacks, music, and a few squirrels to use as a control group. Goggles and white coats are optional, but preferred. This is all for the sake of science, Bertn. Soft, cuddly science.

Glad to see that you're also THIS kind of person.
Amazing picture. Dat ear bite, though. ^_-
The only thing ... I'm not alergic to dogs, but I did adopt a cat and I've been trying to teach him how to bark for a while with no success. A day will come, they say.
Hope it happens soon. And when it does - I'll try to make a drawing like yours (unsuccesfully ofc since I have a huge drawing talent).
With a cat. On a leash. Barking.

Phronemophobia responds:

There's always National Cat Day, so even if he won't bark, your lovable kitty will still get his own day to be praised and pampered on the 29th of October. <3

Thank you as always Filip.

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Mar 23, 2018
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