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Cat Quest 2 Doodle


Cat Quest is a simple Action RPG that I bought after watched a speed run of it on AGDQ 2018. I thought it looked charming. CQ2 promised there would be dogs, so I bought that during the last major sale event on the Switch. They're definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of cats, dogs, and/or bad puns. The second game just released free DLC, so I will need to load that back up once I'm done here.

The drawing itself was originally just a sketch of my team wearing the outfits they had on when I finished the game. I had my dog hero focus on magic and my cat hero rely on physical damage. I thought about making him a bit more tanky, until I found out that only the one I controlled took damage, so I gave the cat hero ninja gear to increase his critical attacks, instead.

After I finished the sketch, I hated how empty the rest of the paper was and decided to include a few monsters around them. I thought they looked awful and wondered if tracing over the lines with an ink pen would help. It didn't. Then, I decided to color it. Maybe that would put my mind at ease. It didn't. The whole thing is a very colorful mess, but it also looks too busy and crowded. Part of me is easy with the final outcome, and another part of me wished I had just left it as a sketch of the two heroes.



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For sketches these are pretty baller. I kinda like em better when they aren't colored in. Maybe a nice paint-fill/scan thingy would make em cooler? Dunno. I don't wanna come off as a nepotist and give this a 5/5, but it's damn close, in my books, to being real good. The two cat characters, example, are REALLY nicely shaded in their faces. The rest is alright. I agree with Funky, the simple-ism is a breath of fresh air.

Phronemophobia responds:

I have no clue what a paint-fill/scan thingy is. Is that basically scanning it and coloring it in with MS Paint?

It's only one cat and one pointy-eared dog. The second Cat Quest promised there would be dogs if the first game sold well enough and they certainly delivered on that promise. Now, a third game has been teased, so I'm kinda eager for that.

It was only meant to be the two in the middle. I never planned for the rest of that, but I hate having empty space and just started trying to fit more into it. I could have just as easily drawn some other, non-related doodles around them or moved on to another sheet of paper. I have plenty. I don't know. My brain don't always think so good, ya know?

Thank you very much for the honest, supportive words, Alex.

Oh wow, this is a pretty big and intricate piece! I like the perspective to it and how you didn't shy away from drawing more complicated and detailed designs. In particular that skeleton and the octopus are great! The tentacle is pretty well done and drawing skeletons is always tough to do. Cute piece!

Phronemophobia responds:

I saw the skeleton by itself at the bottom and was looking for a few more minor enemies to include with it. For whatever reason, I, instead, chose a boss and the only enemy that lives in the water, so I had to color the background to have it make sense for Cathulhu to be among a bunch of other enemies on land. I still don't know why I went with it, but I was kinda proud of myself for only having to correct a few mistakes. On the other hand, Old Master (buff statue guy) had to be entirely redrawn four times, and I didn't give him his weapon, either. Good thing the skeleton and cat tentacle are distracting viewers from seeing the major flaws of this piece.

Thank you, Funky, for your continued commentary support. Might be a while before I can draw something again. Got a lot of things to do... that I'll procrastinate on.

this is beautiful i love the wips
everything looks so good but the guy witht the horns looks especially good i dont know why
i think its the shading on his horns and his skull he looks perffct

Phronemophobia responds:

Funny thing about is that he was the one I initially hated while sketching, because I made him too short, and that convinced me to try and add some other enemies in hopes of diverting attention away from him. As I tracing over my lines with the ink pen, however, I started liking him more and disliking the slime in the corner, instead.

I remember you posting something before about how you like seeing the process more than the finished piece, so I decided to add them below this time around.

Thank you for the kind words, Chutney.

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4.93 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2020
12:52 AM EDT
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3025 x 3945 px
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