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"Seeking the Unicorn"
A poem by my father, John William Galt


"I'm off to seek the unicorn.
I'll find it too, wait and see.
Somehow I'll spot that single horn
And I'll know that's where he'll be.
Then I'll sneak up on him and lasso him in.
I'll tie him to a tree.
Watch him kick, and pitch a fit
Trying to lunge at me.
My friends all laugh
That I can't do it...
But I'll show them that's not so.
Just as soon as I have time for it
And have enough money to go.
Then I'll climb up every mountain steep,
Peer in every forest dark.
Listen for a baby unicorn's 'peep'
Or a stallion's throaty bark.
Won't they all be so surprised
To see me coming home.
With my great adventure realized
and a unicorn of my own."


I originally sketched the basic idea of this at my best friend's house someday in 2010. A year later, I scanned it in, and pretty much started refining the ink work, but having a REALLY difficult time with the unicorn, Fogahn's leg, arm...got frustrated and procrastinated away onto other things.

Three days ago I returned to it after feeling elated and pumped over my A-Wing picture....for three days I slaved. I am so, SO happy with how this turned out.

You can leave me a review if you'd like...but man....this is my baby. :'D


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This is pretty sick. That guy looks so badass he could have a whole MMORPG based around solely killing him in battle. Also that's the most evil unicorn I've ever seen.
At first I couldn't decide if I liked the old or the new mask, but yeah, this one's just cool as fuck.

ooooo that looks really detailed i really like the skeletal mask :P

Phobotech responds:

I'm really glad you like it! I had a lot of fun drawing the inkwork for it, because it's VASTLY different from how his facemask looked before.

In fact, I uploaded the origins of what this was initially as a standalone submission if you're interested.

But seriously, as I colored it, I was worried if people would like the skull mask specifically, so this is healthy confirmation! Thank you :D

The art is wonderful, and the rider looks great as well, however...

I've never seen such a large muscle on the cannon bone of any horse before (real or imaginary). The muscle isn't even that important but when it leads to such a small foot, it seems rather unnatural.

Also, I don't know if this was intentional, but the unicorn's forearm might look better if you flip the muscle so that it is bulging on the top rather than the underside to match a horse's (like our biceps). As it is, it looks very similar to a man's leg.

Altogether it is a very nice piece, and I merely offer this advice to add more realism to an already wonderful work.

Phobotech responds:

Thank you thank you thank you for being critical! I always learn and grow from honest reviews.

I'm of the opinion that the hoof (lifted) is proportionate to the rest of the leg. Admittedly, I was having a LOT of difficulty with horse anatomy, and in fact, I'm still unsure about this unicorn's skull shape. The stage-right/it's left legs I'm pretty uncertain about too...Using Google Image, I was even having a rough time finding a horse that was doing similar body language, so I just kinda winged-it. In my research, though, I found all kinds of different horses that were actually way different shapes from others...so, I'm going to lean in a direction like "What I've drawn here is a fictitious Blood Unicorn, so it's structured a little beefier in some places."

Thinkin' of it akin to some sort of a super war-horse that's meant to lug around a sorcerer weighed down with armor and a heavy sword. :D

HAVING SAID ALL THAT, I totally agree that parts of it's leg are a little too human-structured, and my eyes are drawn around where our calve muscles would be behind and around the unicorn's front knees (write/draw what ya know, I guess). If I could hone and refine this further, it would definitely have to be an effort into making it more realistically horse-like. I completely acknowledge that drawing realism onto animals I don't draw often...no, EVER...is absolutely a weak point of mine that I should practice more upon. But hot damn, am I proud of this practice :D

Again, I'm REALLY, REALLY appreciative of the advice. That's the kind of stuff I need if I'm ever to grow! Thank you for the praise as well, that keeps me goin'.


this is great! my only complaint is that the jaw on the horse is a little slender.

Phobotech responds:

I could see that, I hadn't really thought of the jaw thinness...I was fretting more about the eye placement, but I'll try and go ahead and justify it as this particular unicorn, THE BLOOD UNICORN'S, anatomy...yeah, thats it!

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated...now I'm gonna be starin' at that jaw for a while, lololol

This is awesome!

Phobotech responds:

Thanks Aaron! Welcome to NG!

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Dec 29, 2012
1:03 AM EST
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