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Last year some friends and I were playing Super Smash Bros. Melee...and we were a little under the influence (not alcohol), and we were insulting each other back in forth. I was playing as Fox, and he was playing as a Pink Yoshi just to humiliate me.

Yoshi, being incredibly cheap in that game IMO, and Fox were fighting fiercely. To help push the energy of the fight even further, we began insulting each other as we fought across Final Destination.

Adam (hogabeast.newgrounds.com ): "I hope you die in a fire!"
Me: "I hope you get shot in the gut!"
Adam: "I hope Fox dies alone, and sad!"
Me: "Oh yeah? Well I hope Yoshi get impregnated by a face-hugger, birthing a chest-burster!"

This made us lol pretty hard for some reason, just the image of Xenomorph's fighting Yoshi. I began to draw this one-page comic right after the fight of a mother Yoshi stumbling across a face-hugger egg, and claiming it as it's own. Upon it's completion, Adam, Thomas (f4c3fuck3r.newgrounds.co m) and I lol'd very hard...it was a good time.

In the following weeks, I began to write out episodes to an "Alien vs. Yoshi" series, parodying the ever-lasting rivalry of "Alien vs. Predator" and other "Alien vs. ______" comics of the 90's. What was initially going to strictly be a comic-book of Aliens fighting Yoshi's become an idea for a Newgrounds-exclusive animated series of the horrifying H.R. Giger designed Xenomorphs spreading and terrorizing Yoshi Island, effecting the Mushroom Kingodm as well.

At the time of designing this, in the Fall of '08, I even had designs of a Yoshi-Xenomorph hybrid, similar to how in Alien 3, a Xeno birthed from a dog retained canine attributes. I even contained designs for a more evil, murderous Bowser, and a stronger, Heavy Metal interpretation of Princess Peach. Even including cameo's from Starfox, who would act as elite space marines, more or less.

It was an ambitious project that never really took off beyond the design stage, because I deduced my animation ability wasn't up to par to really give the series the grit and horror, and dark humor. Tossing ideas around on how to better handle AvY, Murad136 suggested I do anything...just, SOMETHING.

Not wanting to murder the idea of AvY, I tucked it away, and began work on something simpler to do; an Awesome video game parody. That wound up turning into Zone of the Awesome.

A few months after completing ZOA, I found myself questioning doing more unoriginal work again...Newgrounds is already flooded with an abundance of video game parodies, and as much fun AvY would have been to make, NG needs more originality...and the concept as a whole of AvY is everything but...so the concept is likely to fade into obscurity.

Looking through my files, I was surprised I found the scanned-in page of the comic drawn almost directly after the idea to make Alien vs. Yoshi was made. So...here it is!

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