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Show-and-Tell - Part 3


It's the next morning and Judy begins to stir in her bed, awoken by a robotic voice...

Di-Di: Good morning, sleepy head. Time to rise and shine! It's a frigid 85 degree out with sunny skies and a UV index of eleven. You have an hour before school starts...plenty of time to get a workout in if you want to fit into that new dress you bought. You have six new messages.

Judy: Urgh, what time is it? I had the most awful dream last night.

Di-Di: It's 8:30am. Would you care to tell me about it?

Judy: Oh gawd, it was about me and...I can't even believe I'm saying it...my brother. He blackmailed me into having...

Judy pulls the covers aside and sits up in bed. As she swings her legs off the side of the bed, she winces from a shooting pain in her posterior.

Di-Di: Oh my, where is your nightgown? You never sleep in the nude. Do you require a pain pill?

Judy glances down at her naked body and blushes. As she reaches for the sheets to cover herself, there's a rustling sound on the bed behind her. Wide-eyed, Judy turns, winces in pain again, grabs the sheets and slowly pulls them towards her.

Di-Di: There appears to be someone in your bed, Miss Judy.

Judy: N-nn-no... It...it can't be...

Elroy, spread eagle across the bed, yawns and stretches. Smiling, he opens his eyes and peers over at Judy...

Di-Di: Good morning, Master Elroy. Rise and shine. You have fifty-six minutes until school starts. There is a new deposit in your Pay-Me account from 'anonymous' in the amount of of 2000 Riznacks. You have no new messages.

Elroy: Mmmm, good morning, sis. How did you sleep?

Judy angrily snatches the sheets up and covers herself from the shoulders down. The sudden movement causes her to grimace in discomfort, grabbing her butt cheek with her free hand in response.

Elroy: Ah, a little sore are we? Yeah, I was kinda surprised when you took the whole thing... (grins slyly and holds up two fingers) Twice.

Still holding her butt cheek, Judy drops the sheet, and angrily points towards the door.

Judy: GET OUT!

Elroy slides off the side of the bed, collects up his jumper, dons this cap, and plods towards the bedroom door with a wry smile. After Elroy leaves, Judy climbs off the bed and shuffles across the room, both hands now kneading her lower back.

Di-Di: (sarcastically) Maybe you can tell me about the rest of your 'dream' some other time?

Judy presses a single button on the opposite wall and after a sudden a whir of robotic hands, Judy is dressed in her skimpiest workout attire...as not to raise any suspicions at the breakfast table.

Judy: Maybe I can replace you with a newer model.

Original Art by Chancero

Colors by Phillipthe2

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Judy is so beautiful masterful artwork.

Credits & Info


Jan 3, 2021
5:08 PM EST
File Info
727 x 1280 px
227.5 KB

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