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Peg - Part 7


Later that afternoon after school lets out, Max forgoes going home and heads straight to PJ's house to get the low-down on his friends recent escapades. Walking straight inside, Max is met in the living room by Mr Pete, home from the dealership for a late lunch...

Pete: You forget something, Max?

Max:Uhhh, no sir. I was just coming over to see how PJ was feeling and to give him today's homework assignments from school.

Pete: The doorbell, Max. We have one of those, you know.

Max:Oh, right...sorry, Mr Pete. Uhhh, should I like, go back outside and ring it or something?

Pete shakes his head, rolls his eyes and sighs. Stepping around Max and opening the front door, he turns to yell at Peg.

Pete: Honey, the Goof boy is here! I'm headed back to work! Probably gonna meet the guys down at the billiard hall for a pitcher or two after work!

Peg, having just returned home from a trip to the grocery store, yells from inside the kitchen pantry as she puts groceries away.

Peg:Alright, dear! Want me to leave your dinner in the oven for you? I'm making meatloaf!

Peter: (grimaces at the thought of dried up meatloaf) No, don't trouble yourself! I'll just pick up something on the way home!

Peg: Ok, dear! Be careful! Love you!

After Pete closes the door behind himself, Max flips him the bird. Turning, he's met with Peg standing in the kitchen doorway with a disapproving "I saw that" look on her face. Max quickly clasps his hands behind his back and swivels his body from side to side, looking at the ceiling in a faux expression of innocence. Peg smirks with mild amusement, gives him the 'come hither' gesture, then returns to the kitchen to finish putting groceries away. Max saunters in and stands directly behind her, mere inches away.

Max:So, how's the 'patient'?

Peg: (glances at the ceiling with a lustful smile) Been asleep since noon.

Max: Sheeez, Missus P! Well, I know what's been 'ailing him'...dare I ask what the course of treatment was?

Peg: (smiles demurely) I'm gonna cite doctor/patient confidentiality on that one.

Peg bends over the center island to grab a couple of items. Deliberately arching her back and pushing her ass against Max's crotch as she straightens up, Peg smiles coyly as she looks over her shoulder.

Peg: You forget something, Maxie? No hello kiss for Doctor Peg?

Peg puckers her lips as Max grabs her by the hips and leans forward, pressing the bulge in his already swollen shorts against her ass. Just as their lips press together, Max tucks his thumbs inside the waistband of her white, skintight pants and pulls them down below her butt cheeks, panties and all. Pushing her down towards the counter, Peg gives Max a tantalizing 'Oh Really?' look. Reaching up and grabbing the neckline of her pink sweater, he stretches it over her shoulders and pulls it down her biceps until her breasts pop out, landing on the countertop with an audible thump.

Max unsnaps his shorts and lets them fall to the floor. Leaning over her to look into the grocery bags, Peg feels the full width of his now fully engorged manhood being pressed lengthwise between her ass cheeks.

Peg:Mmmph. Mmm-hmmm. My boy's got the length, but you've definitely got the girth. Ummm...what are you looking for? I can make you a snack afterwards.

Peg lets out a little bark of delight as Max leans further forward onto her, his thick head slipping down and pressing firmly against her sphincter. Reaching into one of the grocery bags, he pulling out a bottle of vegetable oil. Straightening back up, Max twists the top off of the bottle and holds it over Peg with a mischievous expression on his face.

Peg: (giggling) Maximillian Goof... Don't you dare.

Max:Ohhh, I don't think you have much of a choice in the matter.

Peg playfully squirms beneath him, trying to reach for the bottle. Wide-eyed in disbelief, she suddenly realizes that she can't move. Her arms are bound to her sides by her own sweater.

Peg: (anxiously) M-Maxie, c'mon now... Be reasonable!

Max upends the bottle of cooking oil onto her lower back, letting it run everywhere, flowing into every crack and crevice. After he rubs a judicious coating of oil onto his manhood, Max slides it into her thigh gap, guiding it up and into her. Peg whimpers as his head parts her labia and slowly disappears into her. Pausing for a few seconds, Max grabs her by the hips and then pushes his entire length into her. Holding it firmly pressed against her cervix, Peg's eyes cross and roll back into her head, her mouth agape, but not emitting a single sound. Her entire body shivers as she feels every inch of him pressing into her.

After what seems like an eternity, Max relaxes, but leaves himself deep inside her. Peg's eyes uncross and she inhales dramatically, having not taken in a breath in quite some time. After giving her a few seconds to catch her breath, Max begins to slowly and methodically slide his entire length in and out of her, letting her feel the entirety of his massive girth.

Peg glazes over, moaning softly, oblivious to everything around her, fixated on Max inside her. Max however, grins as he hears the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs behind him.  Sensing an opportunity, Max grabs a handful of Peg's hair and pulls her head back. Peg, now unable to move or look behind her, squeals with delight as Max begins to forcefully thrust into her. As soon as he hears footsteps in the living room, Max looks over his shoulder and sees PJ staring back at him, obviously irritated by the sight of them. Max holds his finger up to his mouth, giving PJ the 'be quiet' gesture.

Peg:Ohgawd! Ohmyfuckingawd! Ju... Just like that, Maxie!

PJ: (angrily, silently mouthing) What the FUCK, dude?!?

Max: (silently) Shhhhh! C'mere!

PJ: (silently) What?!

Max gives PJ the 'come here' hand gesture. PJ steps into the kitchen and stares down at Peg, suddenly mesmerized by the sight of her undulating body. Max points at PJ and then gestures for him to go around to the other side of the counter. PJ simply nods his head, unable to take his eyes off of Peg.

Max:Close your eyes, I've got a little surprise for you.

Peg:N-n-not yet! Pluh-please make me cuh-come before you p-put it in my buu...

Max:Don't you like surprises?

Peg: Yuh... Yuh... Huuh-HOGAWD! Yesss!

Max:Then close your eyes. No peeking!

Peg:Hhh... H'ohkay!

PJ tip-toes to the other side of the island counter and drops his pajama bottoms to the kitchen floor. His fully erect manhood nearly touching Peg's nose as she lurches forward with Max's every thrust.

Max:Still got your eyes closed?

Peg: Yuh-yuh-yes!

Max:Don't open 'em until I tell you to. Here we go!

Max doubles his speed, thrusting his entire length into Peg, skin-on-skin slapping noises becoming louder and sharper. Peg screams with delight.


Waves of pleasure course through Peg's body. Her eyes still clamped shut, she shudders and shakes. As she climaxes, PJ pushes his manhood against Peg's lips. Startled, her eyes snap open. Just as she begins to gasp is surprise, PJ pushes nearly half of his lengthy shaft into her open mouth. Max's continued pounding combined with the sight of her boy looming over her sends her over the edge once again. Peg writhes and contorts as wave after wave of ecstasy washes over her.

As her climax subsides, Peg wiggles her arms around, trying to get Max's attention to let her free. Max, without even slowing his pace, obliges and pulls the sweater down to her hips. Wriggling her arms free, Peg instantly wraps one hand around the base of PJ's shaft and grabs his ass cheek with the other. Both Max and PJ watch in amazement as Peg simultaneously begins to stroke him and nearly chokes as she pulls him towards her, taking in more than three quarters of his length.

Max and PJ: (in unison) HOLY SHIT!

Peg waves her finger up at them, not happy with their language.

PJ:S-s-sorry, mom.

Max:Sorry, Missus P.

Peg smiles around PJ's shaft, then continues to pull him towards her. Letting her throat relax, her eyes watering, she finally reaches the base of his shaft. Just as she is about to push him away and take a full breath, PJ suddenly grabs the back of her head and holds her there tightly. Peg instantly feels the boy quiver in her throat as his whole body tenses up. Spasm after spasm of warm goo pumps into Peg as she gulps it down time and time again, trying to avoid retching. All but collapsing onto the kitchen floor, PJ finally lets her go, allowing Peg to push him back and take in a deep breath. Continuing to stroke PJ's shaft, Peg looks over her shoulder with a raised eyebrow as Max continues to pump her from behind.

Peg:And you?

Max:Oh, I could do this all day.

Peg:I'm sure you could, stud. But, yeah, no. My knees are killing me and my tits are sore from you bouncing 'em off this countertop for the past hour. (looking up at PJ) Why don't we continue this somewhere a little more comfortable, boys?

Max:Dude, how 'bout it? You up for round two?

Original Sketch by Exwolf85

Edits and Colors by Phillipthe2

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Nice art and great little story

Credits & Info


Jan 11, 2021
5:59 PM EST
File Info
1080 x 1080 px
341 KB

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