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Cheater - Part 2


It's the following morning and Blondie finds herself sitting at the kitchen table, daydreaming about last nights escapades as she sips on a cup of coffee. The kids have long since left for school, leaving only Dagwood darting downstairs in his usual haste to get to work on time.

Dagwood: Honey! Have you seen my briefcase? The carpool's gonna be here any second.

Blondie:It's on the table in the foyer where you always leave it, dear.

Dagwood rushes into the kitchen, struggling to knot his tie. Standing up, Blondie turns and hands him a cup of coffee, then reaches up to help him with his tie.

Blondie:Here, let me, dear.

Dagwood:I'm almost fifty and still can't manage to tie one of these. How is it that you know how to tie them so well?

Blondie:I've tied a few knots in my day.

Dagwood simply stares at his wife, blinking, his mind obviously elsewhere, as Blondie not-so modestly smirks at him.

Dagwood: Yeeeah, I'm not even gonna touch that one.

Blondie:I was in the Girl Scouts, silly. Where did your brain go?

Dagwood: (feigning modesty) Far from the land of merit badges and cookie sales, apparently.

A car horn blares from the street sending Dagwood in a flurry to get out the front door.

Dagwood:Alright, honey, there's my ride. Time to make the donuts. Don't wait up for me...probably gonna be another all-nighter with Dithers again. Love you!

Blondie:Okay, dear. Love you too.

Pecking his wife on the cheek, Dagwood darts down the hallways, grabbing his briefcase. No sooner has he slammed the front door behind himself, the muffled sound of two bodies colliding into one another followed by a string of expletives reverberates back down the hallway.

Dagwood: Goddammit, Beasley! Every fucking time!

Rolling her eyes , Blondie sighs and then goes back to sipping on her cup of coffee. With her catering business still on indefinite hiatus due to the pandemic, Blondie resigns herself to doing the usual housework. Standing over the kitchen sink, she can't help but to let her mind wander, remembering Alexander's reaction after she sat down on his lap the night before. She couldn't help it, caught up in the moment...and then the unmistakably huge bulge in his pants that instantly developed beneath her.

Blondie: (thinking to herself) Oh my gawd, why are you dwelling on this? That's your only... And you're thinking about what, going all 'The Graduate' on him?

Somewhere between washing the dishes and folding laundry, Blondie is startled back to reality when she gets an alert on her cell phone just as the front doorbell rings. Glancing down and hitting the doorbell app, the image of a cute, young deliveryman standing at the front door appears. After telling him to leave the package at the front door, Blondie smiles devilishly, staring at his ass as he meanders back to his delivery van. Blondie shakes her head with a shameless smirk and then goes back to folding clothes.

A short while later, having less than successfully fought off yet another round of fantasizing about younger men, Blondie heads towards the front door to try and take her mind off it. Opening the front door and grabbing the box, Blondie heads towards the kitchen to get something sharp to open it. Setting the parcel down on the kitchen counter, knife in hand, she slices open the cardboard box, having not even bothered to see who it's addressed to.

Blondie: (aloud, astonished) Ohh my! That's... Wow, I definitely didn't order that.

Inside the box is a pair of pink, see-through panties and a matching bralette, both bordered with sheer, plum-colored lace. Holding the the bralette up in front of her, she drapes it across her chest, looking down at it with a wry smile. It's obviously a size or two too small for her, meant for a woman with a much smaller cup size. Finally glancing at the address label, she notices that it's for her daughter.

Blondie: (thinking to herself, smiling) Well, at least she has good taste.

Knowing full-well that no one else is in the house, Blondie self-consciously looks around to see if anyone is looking. Craning her neck, she looks out the kitchen window to see if the neighbors are in their back yard. Satisfied that no one is looking, she places the petite garment on the counter with a wanton smile.

Blondie: (thinking aloud) Oh well, why not?

Still staring out the kitchen window in case the odd repairman might be snooping on her, Blondie begins to unbutton her sleeveless blouse, revealing a white strapless push-up bra. Unsnapping her capri pants and pushing them down her thighs reveals a matching pair of white, low-cut 'boyshorts' panties. Kicking her kitten heels off to one side or the other, Blondie bends at the waist, slipping her pants and underwear to her ankles. 

Stepping out of them, Blondie straightens up and slides her blouse over her shoulders, letting it slip down her arms and onto the floor as well. Reaching behind her back, she unclasps her bra, flinging it onto the counter in front of her. Grabbing the tiny pair of panties out of the box, she bends down and steps into them. Sliding them up her hips as she rights herself, it becomes all too apparent that they're way too small for her. With almost no stretch in the garment, it digs into the 'baby fat' around her hip bones with an almost comical, lewd cartoon style of fit.

Just as she grasps the equally ill-fitting-looking bralette, her phone rings. Blondie blushes, one arm crossed in front of her chest, momentarily embarrassed by the fact that she's standing nearly-naked in front of her own kitchen window for all of the world to see. Staring down at her phone on the kitchen counter...it's Cookie...she pushes the 'answer call' icon and puts it on speaker.

Blondie: H-hey, sw-sweetie!

Cookie:Everything ok, mom? You sound kinda... I dunno... Kinda weird.

Blondie:Ohhh, I... I was...uhhh... I was just wrapping up my... My workout.

Cookie:Uh-huh. Suuuure you were. Sounds more like you're workin' it out with the mailman.

Blondie: Uh, no, sweetie. Not with that giant caterpillar under his nose, he's not.

Cookie:Hah! Euuw! So, anyway... I'm gonna chill with some friends after school, so...you know...don't wait up. Ohh, and I'm like, expecting a package today too. Don't let it get stolen off the porch...and, you know, don't let daddy open it either.

Blondie: Ok, pumpkin. Have fun. Home before nine...it's a school night.

Cookie:Shah, right! Have fun with the rest of your... (clears throat sarcastically) Workout. Love you, mom.

Staring down at the 'end call' icon on her phone, Blondie notices the time. It's 3:15pm and Alexander will be home from school in fifteen minutes.

Blondie: (aloud) Shit.

Peering down at her clothes scattered around the floor and then to the tiny bralette on the counter, Blondie rolls her eye and sighs. Closing her eyes, she grabs the sheer piece of lingerie and...as an afterthought...bends down and retrieves the pile of clothing. Striding out of the kitchen and down the hallway, Blondie tosses her clothes into her bedroom as she passes by and then steps into Alexander's room.

Raising her arms above her head, Blondie puts her hands through the bralette and let's it sip down over her head. As soon as it reaches the top of her breasts she instantly knows that it's going to be a struggle to get into. Grabbing the bottom hem she twists and tugs, wriggling it over her more than ample d-cups. Letting out a long exhale in order to give herself a bit of extra room, the garment finally slides over her breasts, the back strap digging into her 'baby fat' as her boobs practically spill over the top hem.

Blondie: (thinking) Why am I even contemplating this?

Original Art by SGTMADNESS

Commissioned by Phillipthe2

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Honestly they don't show what she does during the day in the majority of the comics, so I can see this happening.

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Sep 14, 2021
6:31 PM EDT
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