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Aunt Cass


Hiro and Tadashi, walking home and discussing the days events, turn the corner in front of the Lucky Cat Cafe. Hiro stops just outside the front door and grabs his older brother by the arm, wanting to question him about Aunt Cass' strange behavior as of late.

Hiro: Dude, hold up a sec. What's up with Aunt Cass?

Tadashi: What do yuh mean?

Hiro: C'mon, man. You haven't noticed? The short skirts, the uber-tight shirts? She bent over the kitchen table this morning and half of her ass cheeks were hangin' out.

Tadashi: So? She trying to get back into the dating scene. The whole 'see and be seen' thing. She's been working out a lot...and now she's tryin' to show it off.

Hiro: Uhh, dude, she goes outta the house wearing baggy sweat pants, a tunic top, and crocs 'n socks. That's like, the exact opposite of showing it off. She might as well be wearing a nun's habit.

Tadashi: Ummm, everybody goes out and runs errands or goes to the gym and stuff in their 'comfy clothes'.

Hiro: She works out at home. And when she isn't wearing all that tight stuff, she walks around the house in nothing but a bra and panties. It's like... It's like she's putting on a show...for us.

Tadashi:  I dunno, dude. She's... She's comfortable around us. I think you're trying to see something that isn't there...and you're makin' it weird.

The boys go inside, say hello to Aunt Cass' newly hired server, and then head upstairs.

Hiro: Dude, she's hot...I mean like, in a Jennifer Chung, homely sorta way.

Tadashi: Man, you're high. I wouldn't touch'er with your dee and a pair of bar-b-que tongs.

As they reach the top of the stairs, they both stop and stare, finding Aunt Cass in the middle of the living room in a Standing Separate Leg Stretch yoga pose. Sweaty and wearing nothing but a shoestring-thin sling bikini, she smiles flirtatiously, looking at them from between her legs.

Cass: Well now, what do we have here?

Standing on her tip-toes, Cass arches her back and lifts her ass, looking over her shoulder with the same provocative smile as she straightens up. Turning, never taking her eyes off of them, she slips her fingers underneath her almost non-existent bikini and slides them down, readjusting the barely-there straps over her breasts. For the briefest second, both of them can see her nipples.

Cass: Welcome home my fine, strapping young men. Lemme go get freshened up and put on something more comfortable. I'll fix us a little snack and then you can tell me all about your day. How's that sound?

Both boys stare, wide-eyed as Cass turns towards her bedroom. Looking over her shoulder with the same alluring smile, Cass slips her bikini straps off of her shoulders just as she rounds the corner into her bedroom. A few seconds later Cass returns, this time holding a bath towel over the front of her otherwise naked body. The boys look on, dumbfounded, her butt cheeks jiggling as she hurriedly skips past them.

Cass: Ooopsie! I forgot to put the kettle on so we can have some tea!

Hiro: (whispering) See what I mean, dude?

Tadashi: I... Yeah... I stand corrected.

To be continued....

Original Sketch by SamsonArt

Colors by Phillipthe2

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Pretty awsome

My kind of welcome home I wonder if she is know what will happen.

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Jan 29, 2021
2:49 PM EST
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1920 x 1091 px
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