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Author Comments

Author comment .. for all that give a shit.


Honestly, I don't even like anthro when it comes to porn, (I'm pretty vanilla, it's not some kind of EEEEEEEEEWWW FURRIES GTFO thing) but this is really, really well done, and it's not the thrown together garbage people keep rating up (looking at you Shadling). It's obvious you put a lot of effort into your work, and I hope you keep it up! (Also appreciate that the characters are active and subjectified) My one critique is with the insides of the ears, a little more nuance with the shading to make them more obviously concave would be good.

PetreskoBG responds:

Thank you! Finally someone gives me a real review ..

You're getting pissy at him cuz YOU didn't put in any author comments?! How is he supposed to know you spent 8 hours on it when all you said was "." in your comments? How can you complain and ask "do I need to tell you something" when you told us nothing but "."?! Who gives a fly about author comments? Well, evidently, people do. Really, the only thing he dogged on you for is for wasting your talent on drawing porn, which I agree with. He complimented your "texture, color, and lighting" and not only did you miss it, but YOU responded with a tirade. xD So, who's being the "whiny bitch" here?

PetreskoBG responds:

You too? I'm gonna use my talent wherever I want , however I want as long as it's legal .
Obviously this took hours,do you think I just slap a few colors here and there and finish the image in 10 mins?
I still don't see your point . Explain to me why I should have a author comment when I don't have anything to say about the image? The only reason I placed a dot is because most websites act like cunts and demand that you put something in the description.So I built the habit of placing a dot so I don't get returned back to the upload screen.
I would have appreciated his response if he didn't discard it with "but it's porn so ..." .. You expect me to appreciate a comment that mostly bitches about a freaking dot?
Here's an idea.If you think porn is useless,avoid viewing it!

Now if you don't have any actual criticism to give I suggest you stop wasting my time and review something else!

Useless porn, enhanced by the fact that the author didn't care enough about his work to put in a real author comment. As an author comment, "." isn't very informative. Nice color, texture, and lighting, but it's porn, so ...

PetreskoBG responds:

Really? I don't care enough about my work,despite going through 8+ hours of drawing every day?
Also who gives a flying fuck about the author comment? I got nothing to say about this image,do I need to tell you something?

The community here has really taken a turn for the worst with cunts like you trying to bitch about everything ...

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Credits & Info

2.95 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2015 | 12:17 PM EDT
File Info
3200 x 1500 px
2.4 mb

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