The Process

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The Process

Author Comments

Sooooooo I spent more time on this then I should have. And it still didn't quite come out how I wanted. Oh well, at least it's out of my brain now.

I had a dream several nights ago about Johnny. It was something like a movie, but more tangible -- it was about subject character's decent into moral insanity and it came in what I can best describe as flashbacks, but more real, like if they were actually happening as they occurred, but they weren't. You know, weird dream logic type of shit. Either way it was a pretty wicked dream. Enough to inspire me to actually want to draw something out of it. Which actually happens a lot.

This wasn't anything that particularly stuck out in my dream, this is more just my need to try and convey Nny in a realistic style, because for one, I tend to dream how my mind conceives something, and for two, I'm a picky bitch and there are seldom few renderings of Nny in such a style that I actually like. I don't imagine him to be some sort of ungodly attractive misunderstood anti-hero who just needs a hug and a good lay. I imagine him to be an emaciated sleep deprived serial killer with various psychological and emotional issues and possibly some diagnosable form of schizophrenia who would sooner cut his dick off then make whoopy with Mary Sue the Homicidal Cliche. Or worse, fuck her and go on killing sprees with her. Or him, even. I'm pretty sure Vasquez touched up on how Nny feels towards his fans with the whole Jimmy thing. Yup.

Then again that's just my perception, I guess when a character gets thrown out of your head and into the world anyone can perceive them in any way they like, no matter how completely unlikely it would be to the original creator. That's just how it works. That's one reason I'm glad I'll probably never be famous.

I'm pretty sure there might be some discrepancies with his appearance and outfit. I tried to make it look as un-Hot Topic-y as possible since back then Hot Topic hadn't really caught on to the mainstream. So I'd just assume most of his wardrobe is compiled of things from thrift stores and specialty shops like mine was back when I was a kid.

I was going to link to the comic picture that inspired his pose but for some reason(Probably because it's 7:50AM) I can't find it. It wasn't the iconic one of him wielding his knives. Because that one's overused and this pose was just easier to render. As much as I love coloring metal. Other then that I didn't ref anything, unless you count eyeballing pictures of malnourished men for reference. The only thing I didn't do by hand was the print on his shirt. Props if you can figure out what it says. Seriously, it's not that hard. Seriously.

I had more shit to say but I'm tired. And this is just kind of dragging on. Oh well.

Oh yeah full view makes it slightly less suck.



Love the comic and its really good you should give yourself more credit. Theres just something about the whole story that shines a light on some dark thoughts and places all people have that honestly kinda scares me while the idea that he paints a wall with the blood of his victims to somehow fortify it to keep a moose at bay is pretty funny anyway its a good illustration even without some crazy ass blades btw favorite quote was the world would be so much nicer if people only used guns on themselves

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3.75 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2010 | 7:48 AM EST
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1709 x 1599 px
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