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Why the Willow Weeps


Admittedly not my best work and I caught a bit of the table in the picture. Sorry for that.

Its all in acrylic believe it or not. I stopped messing with it for fear of ruining the whole picture.
I wanted to capture an essence of gloom and sadness.
A friend of my roommate's looked over as I was painting and complimented me. I asked him if he really liked it and he responded with "Yeah, but its really depressing." Lol, so here we have it.

I will openly take any critique because I know its not the greatest. And who knows, I might mess with it some more in the end ;P

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I Love Weeping Willows!

They're my favorite. I disagree with your roommates friend though on the picture being depressing, to me this speaks of a steady walk home on a rainy afternoon.

Very well portrayed!

And the sky looks like gauze! I can see that misty feeling around this lonely tree we all get when we are sad...

I do think sgtkill may be right about the tree needing some buff around the bottom... though you may have intended this tree to look flimsy and starved. I take that how it is though, and I think it should stay this way.

I also like that little bush :3 and great detail around the flowers!

PaedarchyGreed responds:

I never thought about the gauze thing, ha ha. Yeah it does :P
Maybe its metaphorically the "gauze over the wounds"

Thank you so much for the input and the compliments ^_^
I totally appreciate it, it keeps me painting! <3


Looks great, You did an amazing job of portraying a certain mood in your picture which is very hard for most people to do. You really made it look gloomy. The drawing is good, but by far my favorite part was the mood the drawing had.

I really like the top where it is solid and then drips down. It looks very nice. I also really like the background and the circle around the tree looks cool. The leaves on the tree look very good and you did a great job with that. I really like the black and white color to it but I believe it might look better with a little color. That's just my opinion though, do what you want. It looks very cool how it is sort of smeared, This gives it a very cool look. It is very cool that you did this in acrylic.

Again my favorite part of this is the mood you can portray with such a simple drawing. This is one of the best things to be able to do as an artist and I am sure you will become amazing one day. It really does look sad and depressing mostly because of all the black and the drips of paint. I know it is just supposed to be a landscape, but I think adding a person in there would give emphasize the sort of lonely feeling and make it look better overall. In my opinion the mood is the most important part of a drawing and you really exelled at that with this drawing. It makes you feel sort of sad and alone. This is really emphasized by everything moving downword and being a dark color. This made the drawing very good in my opinion even though it isn't the most realistic drawing.

There are a few problems with the drawing that I can see. I think that the tree should be taller and the bottom part needs to be a little wider. It looks like the trunk of the tree is too short compared to the length of the branches. I also think that the ground should end a slight bit lower than it does now. It seems kind of boring with it only having a tree and I feel it could be improved greatly with the addition of a person or animal. Maybe have the roof come down a little more (I am not sure about this though so really it is up to you)

Overall its a good drawing keep it up, I believe you will be very good one day.

PaedarchyGreed responds:

Wow, thank you so much for taking so much time for your input!
I appreciate it so much!

And the compliments made me blush a little! ^^;
I will totally think on your suggestions and if I touch up on the paintings I will keep all that in mind!

Very nice.

You captured gloom and sadness just perfectly and even threw in a little bit of eerie. I really enjoy this piece and for the record I think you should leave it just how it is.

PaedarchyGreed responds:

Aw, well thank you. And thanks so much for you input. =] I really appreciate it!

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Dec 1, 2009
3:39 AM EST
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