Sexy Galaxy carrier 2


After a loooong hiatus finally I'm back to the activity with something different, really different.....

Yes, that's the very first image of my first public Visual Novel, called Galaxy Carrier (or maybe Sexy Galaxy Carrier, I still need to think about it). This first chapter will be totally free, Ok I need to finish it first, but it will be free. What do you can expect from this Visual novel? My usual stuff, that means lots ob boobs, hips, gross humour, boobs, one intergalactic carrier, lots of girls, more boobs, sexy scenes, some engrish, maybe some bugs, boobs, butts nd of course boobs..... did I mention boobs?

Of course it needs lots of corrections and probably it may have some changes in the design, but it's a start 15x15

I've also reopened my patreon account. THIS ONE ------------------------------> https://www.patreon.com/pablocomics
My patrons will have access to some exclusive concepts, work in progress art, some art and of course the betas of the game.

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Ok, so where do I begin? I like your background, it's nice, and has a lot more thought put into it than most art on here. I approve, especially considering how you take into account the back ground lighting into the main picture. The shading is just something I WISH I see more often on this sight. But that's just the background. The character herself is different to say the least. her Vagina is not to defined, nor are her piercings, it's subtle bu at the same time slightly disappointing. Almost as disappointing as her, boobs, boobs, boobs and oh yeh did I mention boobs? The size is normally not the problem, but with the description you put and got me excited about I was less then impressed to say the least. Though perky (bordering on Loli) they're nothing to brag about. I'm not saying this in a mean way, because the way you angled it with the other breast tword the viewer, it should have had a smaller dip in comparison to the other breast. Does that make sense? Now her ears are cute, her hands are well drawn, the ext screen over her body boggles my mind on how nice it is. The only real problem I see is the suit an hair combo. Her hair is nice, a tricolor that works, and her suit is shaded perfectly with all that light and accentuates everything on her fair skin, just not that hair. The blue hair blends in almost to her suit, making it look like she is has on a plastic cap. If that was done on purpose to make you LOOK closer at her than I would understand, but as an erotic piece that's not usually the stuff that is accentuated is it? Regardless I think you did fairly well and submitted a pretty nice looking piece of erotic art. I'll tune in next time to see what you got. That is IF you care what some random dude on the internet thinks ;p

pablocomics responds:

I'm redesigning the art from zero because I think that is not good enough :) Probably I'll also use some 3D base for the backgrounds. Next one will be much better I promise it :D

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Jun 28, 2016
5:40 PM EDT
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