Great work but, the feet do kinda connect to the legs wierd. other then that perfect. looks exactly like her.


Nyu ftw!!

ordovicianfauna responds:


You're getting there! :D

Very cute picture and I love Nyu she's awesome lol. Try to work on some of the body parts, for example the feet connect awkwardly to the rest of the leg a little bit but I like how you drew the curve of the closest leg. Her shoulders are a little bit awkward as well but definitely cute picture, it definitely looks like her. :D Good Work :D

dull and sketchy

i'm going to break this critique into sections for you. not trying to insult you, but i think certain issues need to be addresed.

the shading is dull and it is very hard to differenciate the shading, it doesn't really look like you bothered too much trying to shade it. the only area it kind of seems like you did was probably the hair, but even at that, it's very bland. try using different colours to shade, not just pushing the pencil harder over the base colour.

her hand is deformed underneath her left leg. it looks like you just got lazy and said "screw it, no one will notice" and just drew something in 5 seconds. there isn't really an excuse for that, considering this was a referenced screenshot.

the part of the leg that meets the foot is way way way too skinny. if she were real, then her feet would snap off if she tried to walk (ironic, considering this is an elfen lied pic lol) try and add more muscle, she's not a porcelan doll.

her horns look too pointy, they should be more rounded at the edges.

lineart looks sloppy. try to use a lineart pen next time instead of just using a pencil, it would look a lot nicer.

her clothes should have more folds, they don't just cling to her body. try and draw more realism to practice that, it takes a while to get used to drawing folds.

also try and draw more feet. feet can be hard to draw, but practice makes perfect. still though really, you did have a reference, so i don't really see how you have an excuse for it.

another reason for the low score is the lack of background. you never try to do backgrounds maybe you should branch out? it would look much more appealing.

also, try and do more original art. copying anime screenshots isn't going to get you far. it would be nice for a change.

for more help, here is a good list of tutorials i have collected from deviantart (you'll need to remove the spaces)


anyway, hoped that helped in someway.


I am not loveing it . But i still like it

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